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Comment Re:iPad is the gold standard? (Score 1) 156

Well, it's not like they really had a choice. As far as the general public is concerned, Apple's products are the best ever and the absolute pinnacle of technology. So in order to appeal to a wide audience the other manufacturers have to compare themselves to Apple I think. It's the only basis of comparison the general public has. In order to make Linux appealing you have to say "It's better than Windows"; just providing data and technical mumbo jumbo won't do it for a general audience.

Comment Re:Why do people post Explicite details in info? (Score 1) 63

I really don't know. I suppose it may have something to do with people STILL not grasping how dangerous the internet can really be. After all, it's "not real" and "anonymous".

I recently asked a friend of mine (who is a facebook addict) why she was posting all this personal information and updates her status with every little thing that enters her mind. Her answer was along the lines of "I dunno...why not?" I fear the only way for people to wake up and finally take internet security (or at least facebook security) serious is for their account to get hacked and all their nude photos leaked, or if someone uses their geotags to show up at their doorstep, or something like that. People don't learn until they fall flat on their face. And a litle spam on their wall is not enough for the average user (i.e. idiot) to rethink their behaviour.

Comment Okay, seriously (Score 1) 267

If you are that prone to addiction and unable to take control of your own life, then you shouldn't have any rights, let alone the right to sue someone else for it. If you don't lead your own life you need to be locked up in some institution where your life is lived for you. Animals eat any chance they get; they can't help it and they have no control over it. But I don't see us giving them any kind of legal power. Why should it be different for someone who can't stop playing a videogame, something that doesn't even cause physical addiction? Yeah, proceed with the "you're an asshole" comments. I don't care.

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