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Submission + - Aussie Software Pirate Extradited to USA

rjodwyer writes: "Hew Griffiths, an Australian is has been extradited for trial in America for crimes committed outside of the USA, and to a country to which he has never set foot in. Leader of the infamous Drink or Die cracking group, he has been extradited to the USA, in what only seems to be Australia bowing under pressure from America. As Australian Senator Ellison had the power to refuse extradition, this looks like Australia handed him over to satisfy corporate interests in America. His fellow crackers had their trials conducted in their own countries."

Submission + - Guide for Syncing your iPod in Linux

jackal writes: Managing your iPod on Windows or Mac OS X is virtually a no brainer because of iTunes. Despite what some people think there are several applications available for Linux that keep your iPod updated with your latest songs. The table provided in this article gives a great overview on which Linux application is right for you based upon your needs. What a timesaver this guide was for me!

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