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Comment Will it really go the pulseaudio way? (Score 2) 179

Wayland and its never-ending stream of stories seems to be going the way pulseaudio did. It's heavily criticized, cuts down some features or is somehow buggy, but seems to give many users what they want, or at least that's what all these crazy stories point to.

As long as I can still run X atop Wayland, I don't really care. I loved pulseaudio when it was being bashed already. Maybe I'll love Wayland too? Has anyone here actually seriously tried this thing before bashing it?

Comment Re:Feels Dated (Score 1) 435

He means he wants to be able to pass an instance, an isolated component which can not only be spawned as part of a thread, but keep an internal state during program existance, and across different thread spawnings. And he doesn't want to do it by using variables defined in another, outside scope (functions, globals...).

Submission + - ReactOS 0.3.16, the Windows clone has got a new Explorer (

KingofGnG writes: On the long, long road that leads to its final target, ReactOS continues to grow and evolve thanks to the hard work made by developers contributing to the project. The latest, important changes help the system to actually advance toward the aforementioned final target, ie to reach full compatibility with software and drivers made for Windows operating systems based on the NT architecture.

Comment Re:A big improvement indeed (Score 1) 181

A POSIX mutex can be initialized via a call to a library function or, alternatively, it can be "statically initialized" with the constant value of PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER, which initializes it and sets default attributes. It's not exactly "clearing the memory to 0", but it's along the lines of that train of thought

Comment Re:Foundation (Score 1) 598

To me, it isn't about writing that weird code. It's about knowing what happens, so that I DO know when I really need to optimize and so that I DO know what's going on under the hood. I find it very important to understand the CPU and memory, how it all works. Many programmers still think of this as magic, and that's why they're programmers, not engineers. But this post mentions software engineering, not mere programming.

Comment Re:Is it real? (Score 1) 510

I've tried all versions of that picture that I could find and I've analysed the GIF. what you see is a tampered picture (first GIF frame) which has seen red pixels (red "noise") added in the shape of a possible HL3 logo. It's fake.

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