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Comment Re:Computer expert? (Score 0) 429

well as far as having numbers.... im on slieghtly thicker ice (having only2) but thats a far cry from the name being mainly numbers and substituting letters for numbers, having numbers at the end i have no problem with, it helps to seperate those who have the same first part(now or future), also adds unique identifier to the name

Erasing Objects From Video In Real Time 175

Smoothly interpolating away objects in still pictures is impressive enough, but reader geoffbrecker writes with a stunning demonstration from Germany's Technical University of Ilmenau of on-the-fly erasure of selected objects in video. Quoting: "The effect is achieved by an image synthesizer that reduces the image quality, removes the object, and then increases the image quality back up. This all happens within 40 milliseconds, fast enough that the viewer doesn't notice any delay."

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