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Comment Re:Learn your own history (Score 1) 254

Rep. Samuel Dickstein for one. I don't recall reading that others were. Staffers, yes. Executive branch staffers (from low to high) yes. The OSS was riddled with Soviet agents during WW2. The Soviets were tipped to Venona vulnerability when a high level CIA/CI person (Engleton?) gave a heads up to the MI6 liaison who was actually a soviet agent (one of the "Cambridge 5"). The decrypts continued on old stored up messages, but not on new ones.

Comment What a stupid idea (Score 0) 657

The hard leftist core of the so-called environmentalists (really they are anti-human and anti-civilization) will be the ruin of us all yet. I am for more electrical generation - not less - for everyone. I say refrigeration and air conditioning and 24hour reading lights for all! Bring on next generation nuke power! Speed up Orbital Solar Power! Drill for natural gas and oil! Upgrade the networks of Power Grids so in the marginal sources of electrical power can be utilized where they make economic sense.

Comment Re:It wasn't his Tweet (Score 3, Insightful) 275

Well...that is the Congressman's current explanation. Looking at all the may or not be his. The tweet is most likely from him or from somebody screwing with him who know his secret Yfrog email id. His actions seem more like those of a person covering up an "oh shit ooops" than like a victim who got hacked. He does seem to not want to involve the vendors or law enforcement in investigating.

Comment Re:US wants higher pay and less school (Score 1) 791

"US culture doesn't value "STEM" careers. Why should US citizens go against their own culture?" . That is a big part of it. Tech Geeks are denigrated in the media, by their bosses, business leaders, and by the public at large. They want want the consume goods we produce...they just don't have geeklove.

Comment My reasons (Score 2) 618

1) Cost. 2) I don't want to be "always-on" for everybody and everything that is connected.My cell phone is for my convenience, not for the convenience of others. I am an IT pro and have been on the Internet one way or another since 1984. Since I am not a day today SysAdmin anymore, I have a work Cell phone that Ionly have on during work hours. My personal cellphone is really an emergency only phone: a pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile phone.

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