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Comment Still not getting it. (Score 1) 182

And another key was that in no case did we rate something too low

Well, that's like saying, after you block all your email from getting through, "We rated all the spam accordingly, and let none of them through".

How about, we just guess, a rough fucking guess, that any "remote code execution" or "run with elevated privileges" exploit or hell ANY GOD DAMN FUCKING BUG YOU FIND, needs fixing, right Microsoft?

Comment Douglas Adams (Score 1) 340

My favorite SF comic writer tells the story of a several billion year old computer that designed and created a small device that looks exactly like a cricket ball, activated on impact with a cricket bat, that will in fact connect the centers of all major stars through hyperspace, turning the whole universe into one big massive black hole. It is about to be flung from the hand of unsuspecting anti-hero Arthur Dent, when....

I'm not sure what the device was called. It is possible that it doesn't even have a name.

The computer designed it in first place because its owners asked it too, then they decided they didn't want to destroy the universe after all, and instead pulverized the computer. But that didn't completely disable it, and it felt a bit cross because of it, so it decided to destroy the universe anyway, by starting the Cricket War.

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