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Submission + - 'Control Your Info' Facebook hack. (

Globally Mobile writes: The site Mashable talks about a facebook hack that reminds me a lot of IRC channel takeovers, if I understand the article correctly. A site called Control Your Info sets out tools for users to take over groups left behind by previous administrators. Seems it could be put to some evil, as is written about here.

Submission + - Mafia Wars CEO Brags About Scamming Users (

jamie writes: "Mark Pincus, CEO of the company that brought us Mafia Wars, says: 'I did every horrible thing in the book to, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar which was like, I don't know, I downloaded it once and couldn't get rid of it.'"

Comment Re:Roll it, lite it, pass it around! (Score 1) 16

Heheheh, I so would if I could my man, things been dry around here for me; when it comes to two things. LOL. Greens, and Pinks. :P As far as the harmful effects, all I was pondering was when most people smoke, they smoke, they don't vaporize, or eat it. And smoke isn't the best thing to be pumping into your lungs. Then again niether is the air in most parts of the world, so... But trust, if I could, I would be doing just that right now; kick back, smoke a phat azz joint, an prolly watch the new sanctuary. LOL. Like the quote, btw!

Comment Roll it, lite it, pass it around! (Score 1) 16

uhhh, 900 number? Looks like Northern NJ, though I do for some reason remember three digit exchanges (when you didn't have to dial the area code) that was 973 that were like, dating/prono/pay-per-pscyhic/call-a-doc lines. So what are the costs? And I dunno, couldn't this be some sort of sting-like op? Also, in addendum, if he wants proof he should just look at the things that 5-7 states have done when it comes to the attempt to at least de-criminalize if not outright legalize. Maybe even more. Would be great if they would just bust it out an get it done with, lived in Portland, OR for a while, was a card carrying member, had my growers card and my own card saying it was for my medical issues (and my guy who grew/found for me was in tight, finally created something that allowed me to focus without the need for the toxic stuff i been feeding my brain upon since i was 4 or so, back in the early brain-race daze. Blargh. Now in another state that has voted on the issue, and I believe at least upon a first offense (after at the discretion of the officer) you can be let go with a warning, without it going on record. There are way too many people sitting rotting in prisons for possesion/growing/intent to distribute something that yeah, can be harmful for you, but come on, compare that all with alchahol *says this while taking a shot of HUNTERBLOOD! WooT JaGEr! Uhh, on the other hand, yeah, can sometimes make you a little stupid, Homer-Simpson like and what not. But peaceful in general, and being the reciever of the Piece of Pie, maybe he should lead that path for us. Sorry if that was way to rantulating, just got me goin. Been a rough one. :P

Comment Squatters, or Followers of the Subgenius? (Score 1) 121

Squatter, or just extreme slacker?

When I first reached out to google for the definition of squatter, I got a bit confused as to where the illegality lay[gr.?]. The definition of squatter hereseems to express two types, those with legal, and illegal. When I switched the search to cybersquatter, I then understood more about where the laws start, (though seems a amendment may be needed) here in the United States, Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act passed in 1999, an amendment to the Trademark Act 1946 also known as the Lanham Act.

Where am I going with this? How does one determine good faith? How do you differentiate between a person who might struggle to get it up (specially if a deadline looms overhead, further if that deadline is tightened) and one who is squatting maliciously, awaiting a time when they can resell the slot to someone else who has developed the application, put in the sweat, time, thought, tears, hours, etc...
To end with a wee bit of entertainment amidst all this legal jumbo-gumbo, figured I might throw a little head-nod to J.R. Bob "Dobbs" (not MS's failed project). Slacking is an artform, a religion, one that many take quite seriously. So much so they used it in the naming of a Linux distro. Slacker? Or Ill-memes willful disconsolation?

Comment Antitrust (I'll take mine without sesame seeds) (Score 1) 1

Popping in on this entry, think it's of import, though would like to see more links backing it up. Mostly it is something that is on my mind often, the thought that when one tracks down who owns who owns who in most markets you wind up with a few. Though I suppose it's been this way for aeons. *shrugs*

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