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Comment Re:Nothing To... Hmm... (Score 2) 52

From the whitepaper:
"Cookies/MAID. Every DSP allows targeting users based on cookies
or mobile advertising ID (MAID). Either of these could be obtained
by an ADINT attacker if the user ever clicks on their ad.
They can also be obtained from sniffing network traffic. Finally,
active ad content (see below) can be used to potentially acquire
either identifier."
Also Facebook allows targeting by email with minimum of 20 addresses.
"(...) these minimums can be
circumvented; we conducted a preliminary experiment and found
uploading 19 entirely spurious email addresses (not even connected
to fake Facebook accounts) allowed us to target ads at a test user"

Comment Re:How associate ad with someone? (Score 1) 52

from whitepaper (Mobile Advertising ID):
-"sniff network traffic of target devices to obtain the MAID, which is often sent to ad-exchanges
- "attacker can also obtain the MAID if the target clicks on any of the attacker’s earlier ads"
- "exfiltrated via JavaScript in ads in some major ad-libraries"

Comment Re:End of Firefox (Score 2) 315

I dropped Pale Moon recently after something like 2 years of use. The problem is stuff just stops working. Its often not even really browsers fault, but simply no website developers care about it at all. I have 2 sites that I visit semi regularly that straight blocked it (slack and my local electricity provider) and many sites have some minor (or even major if they use some more obscure functionalities) glitches. The straw that broke the camels back for me was user script that I needed and that simply refused to work on Pale Moon.

Comment Re:Comcast door to door Sales have misrepresented (Score 1) 144

They don't really need to. They can just sell people junk that they would never buy if they saw it or thought about it calmly. I mean cheap plastic junk that solves the inconvenience that you will likely experience once in few years, but the salesperson will convince you is an extremely serious problem you need to fix. Or they can simply sell you useful stuff (eg tools) that is just pretty useless for you personally. Good salesperson can create needs you didnt even know were possible :)

Comment Re:And then Google says... (Score 5, Insightful) 1416

I have been on work related travel in Africa and Europe the past couple of weeks and had just started my family vacation here this week. I have decided to return tomorrow as clearly there’s a lot more to discuss as a group — including how we create a more inclusive environment for all.

And now we know why he was fired: due to his rant the CEO had to cut short his holidays. This is definitely a firing offense.

Comment Re:If It Weren't For Soviets (Score 1) 97

If the Germans wouldnt attack, the Russians would a bit later. They joined attack on Poland to get back some territory they considered theirs (remember that they only lost it 20 years earlier). Notice that they didnt join the rest of the war as there was nothing interesting for them there - they just reverted to neutral status. They would just wait for German exhaustion and attack then to gain even more territory. Obviously this plan didnt work.

Comment Re: If It Weren't For Russia (Score 2) 97

The mongol invasion of Europe happened in 13th century, so well before Russia even formed (there were only lots of small Russian states).
The argument here is that if not for Russia forming we would have more invasions from the asian nomad hordes. Before unification small states in that area had serious problems with stopping the horde especially with Muscovite-Novgorod rivalry. While somewhat true, the hordes were never a long term problem as they usually fell apart after some brilliant leader died and pretenders started fighting among themselves.It would likely only lead to eastern Europe becoming poorer economically and some other country taking this "defender" role (Pol-Lit Commonwealth? one of the german principalities?)

Comment memleaks in ubuntu chrome (Score 1) 484

When I leave deezer in an open chrome tab running for more then a day or two (regardless if its playing or not) it turns into a huge memory hog and slows my system down by causing swapping. If I remember I just switch to this virtual desktop at the start of the day and restart the tab, but its still annoying.

Comment Re:Proprietary software power remains intact. (Score 1) 130

That's ridiculous. Millions of coders worldwide are legally allowed to continue where Mozilla leaves off.

Yeah, some try to do so. For example browser I'm currently using Pale Moon was forked from Firefox after their unfortunate interface decisions. There is one big problem tough: they dont have market share so they are at best ignored by devs, sometimes misclassified (as mobile browsers) and at worst just outright blocked (eg slack or new site of my electricity provider)

Comment Re:I'm all for privacy and all that... (Score 4, Interesting) 265

Any employee of this local subsidiary can simply refuse to comply with the order (I expect every single country has a law that allows employee to refuse employer order to break the law). If we are talking about European countries then it would also be impossible to fire him for this, as such firing would be deemed as reprisal by (local) court. Given that the company (local subsidiary) is not even really interested in firing him, it would even likely lead to employee keeping the job (reinstatement).

Comment Re:as usual, piracy fears are nonsense. (Score 1) 178

costs considerably more to buy the digital movie than buy the physical version and in some cases more to rent the digital version than to buy the physical version. In what world does this make sense?

In a world where physical version has already became liability.

I dont watch movies, but when I buy computer games I want them to be on steam. I actively AVOID buying the physical copies as I find them inconvenient. I do have some of them for old games, but honestly I should just throw them away as I haven't even touched them for the last 6 years (since I moved into my current place). I have even bought some of those games again on steam or gog so that I can actually play them in convenient way.

For movies there is likely also the time factor: I want to watch it on Saturday afternoon with my GF and not on Monday when the delivery will happen. If you plan for this you can save money, but last minute decision costs you extra.

Comment Re:Never be a whistleblower (Score 2) 91

No employer really likes whistleblowers. In every company there are corners that are being cut avoiding some requirements from governmental regulations or "standards". Usually this stuff is not really important (like some documentation/procedure stuff), but if revealed it can still hurt the company by being breach of some contract or incurring penalties. If you employ someone that was a whistleblower in the past you have to give yourself an extra question: if he feels discontent with us for whatever reason (eg to small raise) will he just complain/quit like average person or will he start trying to actively harm the company or perhaps even blackmailing it? Was he a moral guy in immoral company or perhaps he didnt really care and it was just his way of getting a revenge for some perceived slight?

Comment Re:Wait what about the fees? (Score 4, Informative) 212

In Europe interchange is more like 0,2 - 0,3% per transaction, which means 2-3 EUR per every thousand EUR spent - acceptable for all but the poorest. China has limits on interchange at 0,35 - 0,45%. Its only the US that commonly has fees about 5-10 times higher...

link about limits in China:

Comment Re:Social Enginerring (Score 1) 421

This sort of depends. If you have a decent product that sells, doing this would be suicidal. But if your product has barely any customers and its because people are not aware of its existence? This kind of media attention can actually greatly enlarge your market niche and even though you scare some potential customers away you will still have net profit in number of customers

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