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Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 3, Interesting) 291

My Android phones last just fine. This is just another bit of bogus nonsense from the Apple cult.

The real question is how long these phones will be supported and what will happen to them once they are force upgraded to a new OS version. Will they still be useful then?

Apple is very much a mixed bag when it comes to product longevity in real live.

Comment Re:Inventory Management Much? (Score 1) 316

Unused medication for an infection?

That's not how that works. If you aren't finishing the prescription then you are violating doctor's orders and potentially putting the kid's life in danger as well as helping create the possibility of a drug resistant strain of the infection in question.

There is a vanishingly small portion of patients for which "keep antibiotics on hand" is actually a thing.

The cruise ship example is just silly. They make mad money fleecing cruisers. They can spring for some new drugs every couple of years.

Comment Re:FDA Stability Requirements (Score 1) 316

Spoken like someone that's never needed one.

I would NEVER risk my life on an outdated Epipen. People that need these things for real carry their own around on their person all the time. This stuff is no joke.

You're gambling with your life.

This is WHY people carry their own Epipens. The article actually confirms why these people do what they do.

Comment Re:FDA Stability Requirements (Score 1) 316

> So, basically, fuck that. Yes it takes a lot of cash to develop drugs and they need to make that money back, but it can be not as much as people are led to believe.

Like any business, the cost of success has to also cover the cost and risk of failure. That risk is considerable in the drug business. Just because the NIH finds a lead on something, it doesn't mean that will turn into a usable marketable drug.

Any industry has to bear the cost of being able to do business.

High risks also require high rewards or people just won't bother.

The "natural price" is probably lower than the current market prices but it's probably also much higher than what cheapskates would try to impose on the industry.

If you screw around with the current economic incentives you are potentially putting a lot of lives at risk. This is especially true for really expensive drugs for obscure conditions.

Comment Re:FDA Stability Requirements (Score 1) 316

> Those rules were put in place because it's in Big Pharma's interest to make people re-buy their product

Really? Have you actually thought this through even. What would it take for your "evil Big Pharma" scenario to even occur. What kind of chronic patient do you have to even have an expensive 3 year old pill on hand? Why wouldn't you use them up by then? Why would you stockpile that stuff?

The far more likely scenario is that some consumer has an old bottle of something they bought over the counter and forgot about. It will be something that's dirt cheap. An entire bottle will be the price of one pill of the interesting stuff.

Even some of the older prescription meds are dirt cheap like that.

If you are maintaining some sort of stockpile on your own, you already have the real financial motive to test the stuff yourself. You probably also have the means.

For the rest of us it just doesn't matter.

Comment Re:So to solve the health care crisis... (Score 1) 316

> The 2014 FDA budget was US$4.7B,

That covers everything. This includes making sure your chicken and flour don't kill you. This budget is for a continent spanning nation of 300M people. It's comparable to budgets of all of the EU for the same thing.

Also, there are a LOT of drugs. That's a lot of testing. Nobody really cares if your Tylenol expires. Fixating on that cheap crap is a waste of time. You might also want to figure out what it is that causes shelf life to suffer. Doing that for a wide range of drugs will be expensive just in terms of raw labor. Forget about the pills themselves.

It's really a much bigger problem than you seem to realize. That's a pretty common problem here really.

Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 1, Insightful) 316

> Medicare for everybody. Universal Healthcare.

You just contradicted yourself there. You seem only capable of repeating campaign slogans and know NOTHING of what you're actually talking about.

We already have a mini-NHS. It's called the VA and it's a disgrace. Medicare isn't that hot either. Medicaid is just horrible. If you've got something really interesting going on, you're SOL under Medicaid.

Your communist nonsense doesn't alter the fact that the US develops most of the new techniques, technologies, and drugs. When people want the best, the come to America. They don't go to some socialist utopia.

My _city_ (and probably yours) has more and better medical treatment facilities than the majority of socialist countries (big or small).

I really would rather that "good intentioned" morons like you destroy what we have and the world class treatment centers that are in your city and mine.

Some of us need more from the medical establishment than treatment for the occasional hang nail.

Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 1) 316

At least Medicare and Medicaid are proper forms of wealth distribution. They aren't something that look like corporate welfare where the government is telling us that we must (under threat of punishment) buy a particular type of product from a small set of corporations.

Wealth distribution funnelled through corporations is the ultimate form of corruption. It's truly sad that more people don't see this.

At least a new "Obamacare tax" would not have been blatantly unconstitutional.

Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 2) 316

Pre-existing conditions were already a solved problem. It was called high risk pools and it worked very well in various states. It caught people who fell through the cracks and didn't completely break the private insurance market.

That was only the worst case. States with good regulators never let people who developed a chronic condition get dropped from insurance to begin with. People who contributed their entire lives weren't left out in the cold.

Now the entire private market is effectively just the high risk pool from before with prices to match.

Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 2) 316

Depending on the drug, that extra 5% is relevant. For non-trivial prescription drugs even the brand matters. Different brands have different potencies that have very relevant effects on the patient. A good pharmacy will even be diligent about giving you the same brand of a generic you're already taking.

I see this being less useful for the more expensive drugs versus the cheap OTC stuff.

At a certain point, the cost from wasting an "expired product" becomes so trivial that there is no point in taking even the slightest risk over it.

Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 0) 316

So you want to completely remove any accountability from corporations just so we can save a few bucks on drugs. That's pretty retarded.

Much of this whining about wasted money is assinine. You don't directly pay for any of this. While it's a potentially huge social cost, it's really just an externality to you.

You don't pay $1800 for the bottle of expensive pills. You only pay $60.

I wouldn't mind sharing my extras, but that opens up a different can of worms, a different regulatory problem, and another potentially DEADLY liability issue.

As someone that pops a lot of these pills, I am not really interested in lowering standards.

Comment Re:Fat people can't help it? (Score 2) 373

> This is a lot of horse shit. There is very little you can do to alter your BMR.

Not at all. Otherwise the Russians wouldn't have survived Stalingrad. Not everyone can do it. That's why a lot of people died. But quite a few people can down clock to only needing 500 calories a day and not quickly die.

If you try to starve yourself and not exercise, your metabolism WILL slow and sabotage your starvation dieting. Doesn't matter if granny was at Stalingrad.

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