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Comment Re:Genie's out (Score 1) 82

Very likely it is an injunction to stop them using the technology until the court case is settled. That is pretty standard in many intellectual property lawsuits. Such as: https://www.wsj.com/articles/S...

This is a way of saying "you stole our ideas, so stop using them and continuing to rack up damages".

Comment Re:Security & web experts say I'm not wrong (Score 0) 208

Not a single thing there disputes what I said. You are of the opinion that distributing hosts files to thousands of computers is a proper way to protect an AD network, this is wrong, and a serious waste of resources and performance on an AD network. DNS is designed for it, hosts works, but with terrible loss in performance. Perhaps when you learn to read you might come back to Slashdot, but until then you are trying to defeat strawmen, not my argument.

Comment Re:You're interfering in this (Score 0) 208

Aww, poor dear, you think you shape civilizations. That is so cute.

Get over yourself, you do no such thing. As for growing up, perhaps when you learn a modicum of security, networking, and proper operation of a Active Directory Domain, you might see the error of your ways.

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