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Comment Re:How uncertain? (Score 1) 171

The shots of the crowd were noticeably thinner, and even only about 25% of the workstations in the control center were occupied. The broadcasted video for stage 2 stopped after stage separation, so video for anything after that was not publicly broadcasted. I'm also going to assume that the number of empty chairs in the control center meant that much of the mission was being controlled somewhere else without cameras.

Comment Re:It may be lost .. it may be not (Score 2) 171

SpaceX is saying they did that, they got the payload to where it needed to be to separate from the rocket. The suggestion is that it failed to separate, but that doesn't mean the actual launch itself failed. It means the mission failed, if that's true, but the launch and the mission aren't the same thing.


Meltdown and Spectre Patches Bricking Ubuntu 16.04 Computers ( 233

An anonymous reader writes: Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 users who updated to receive the Meltdown and Spectre patches are reporting they are unable to boot their systems and have been forced to roll back to an earlier Linux kernel image. The issues were reported by a large number of users on the Ubuntu forums and Ubuntu's Launchpad bug tracker. Only Ubuntu users running the Xenial 16.04 series appear to be affected.

All users who reported issues said they were unable to boot after upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel image 4.4.0-108. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu OS, deployed Linux kernel image 4.4.0-108 as part of a security update for Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 users, yesterday, on January 9. According to Ubuntu Security Notice USN-3522-1 and an Ubuntu Wiki page, this was the update that delivered the Meltdown and Spectre patches.

Comment Re:Technically it met its goals (Score 1, Interesting) 171

Well, it did achieve low-earth orbit... just somewhat lower than planned, and its tidally locked with the planet. But it's still orbiting once every 24 hours.

If only we had a spacecraft that could maneuver close to it, grab it with a big arm, put it in the spacecraft's payload bay, and take it where it was supposed to go. That would be amazing.


Tesla's New York Gigafactory Kicks Off Solar Roof Production ( 103

In an email Tuesday, Tesla said that its manufacturing of the long-awaited electricity-producing shingles began last month at a factory in Buffalo built with backing from New York State. It comes more than a year after Tesla unveiled the shingles to a mix of fanfare and skepticism. Bloomberg reports: The appeal: a sleek, clean solar product, especially for homeowners seeking to replace aging roofs. The tiles -- from most angles -- look like ordinary shingles. They allow light to pass from above and onto a standard flat solar cell. Tesla, the biggest U.S. installer of rooftop-solar systems, piloted the product on the homes of several employees. The company expects to begin installing roofs for customers within the next few months.

Tesla started production of solar cells and panels about four months ago at its Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo. New York committed $750 million to help build the 1.2 million-square-foot factory, which currently employs about 500 people. The plant will eventually create nearly 3,000 jobs in Western New York and nearly 5,000 statewide, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in 2015.

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