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Comment Re: Starship Troopers (Score 1) 1222

It is enlightening in itself how the book and the movie both are very, very good, how the movie follows the book much better than most movies do, and at the same time carries a totally different message.

Heinlein is very convincing in his fascistoid meritocracy. Paul Verhoeven is equally convincing in the rejection of that philosophy. I am very glad to have read/watched both.


Comment most women just are not interested (Score 5, Interesting) 239

Here is the thing: I have been teaching CS at a dutch university for thirty years. On our university, CS was obligatory, even for humanities students (which I think is a very good thing). About 80% of our students were women. Some of my best students were women, doing PhD trajects with heavy math, computers and statistics. No gender differences there.

But... and this is a big but... most of the female students just could not be bothered. They enrolled at the university because they were intelligent but ALSO wanted an occupation indoors without heavy lifting. And they were not above using their attributes to get a pass. It is not because I am male: my female collegues in the STEM department had the same experience (it is the Netherlands I am talking about - grin).

So all girls out there: stop whining about unequal opportunities. Do your assignments just like the boys. If you don't like maths or CS, just skip it - but don't expect to compete seriously in the world outside, without using your attributes, that is.

I *like* your attributes and they keep the world turning. But it is not maths.


Comment OMG... it depends on your needs! (Score 2) 510

Who are you and what are you using your PC for?

I started in 1979 on an Apple II, graduated to CP/M and then MS-DOS. In 1991 I decided to try that newfangled Linux thing and never looked back. The important thing, however, was that I was driven by my needs; in 1991 my need was a Unix clone that could run an certain program. I then found that an Unix environment suited my other needs of that time much better: LaTeX/BibTeX was superior to MS-Word for writing my thesis, the command line and the Unix tools supported the experiments I needed to run so much better than MS-DOS, X was smoother even in 1991 as MS-Windows or the Mac... where should I stop?

So if you use your PC for writing 'simple' texts, internet and games, Ubuntu or Mint will serve your needs as well as Microsoft or Apple, but certainly not better. If at any point you need to get off the trodden path, the power of the Unix environment will get you forward regardless of the Unix flavour you use. Heck! An Macbook wil work in that case!


Comment But if there are more than one car on the road? (Score 2) 110

Call me stupid, but when there is lively traffic, the billboards are in full view of several cars at a time. So the update may be slow, so that e.g., ten or twenty cars see the same advertisement that is triggered by the first car? Or does every car get its own advertisement, so that you see a constantly flickering of different ads?


Comment Re:Good ol' days (Score 1) 121

Faster hardware is not always a boon. Now we have Java monsters that eat up all the performance of even decent hardware. Easy to learn? Nah, with the myriads of different libraries and paths it is a conceptual mess. And it was supposed to be the cure-all for viruses, but that has not materialized either.

The good Lord gave us C, Bash and the CLI , and we frail humans should not presume to improve on His creation.


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