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Comment But if there are more than one car on the road? (Score 2) 110

Call me stupid, but when there is lively traffic, the billboards are in full view of several cars at a time. So the update may be slow, so that e.g., ten or twenty cars see the same advertisement that is triggered by the first car? Or does every car get its own advertisement, so that you see a constantly flickering of different ads?


Comment Re:Good ol' days (Score 1) 121

Faster hardware is not always a boon. Now we have Java monsters that eat up all the performance of even decent hardware. Easy to learn? Nah, with the myriads of different libraries and paths it is a conceptual mess. And it was supposed to be the cure-all for viruses, but that has not materialized either.

The good Lord gave us C, Bash and the CLI , and we frail humans should not presume to improve on His creation.


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