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Comment One whole day. (Score 5, Insightful) 109

Seriously, what is one day? The novelty of working from home would wear off after about a week and then what? I know what. You'd find me 'working' in my underwear, covered in fried chicken with several empty margarita glasses about me. My e-mails would show a very noticeable trend in typos from about noon onward...

Comment Re:Thank you (Score 1) 330

I'm thankful for Firefox as well. I used to use it all the time. Then it started to break. The newer releases were slower than the previous releases. Websites simply wouldn't work, like Facebook, which used to work the best on Firefox.

I think the world is ready again for a browser that you actually have to pay for. That is, as long as it is worth paying for. The old saying applies to Firefox, sadly. Firefox is free, and you get what you pay for.

Comment I'm confused (happens a lot) (Score 1) 55

So if I make a 'photonic circuit'... doesn't some kind of electrical impulse have to modulate the light pathways, i.e. turning them on and off to allow light through, in order to create logic structure? i.e... doesn't this still require transistors? Or does this material actually *change* like a transistor gate when subjected to light, and change back when the light is taken away... Now that I could see making logic gates with.

Comment Ugh... (Score 5, Insightful) 250

This is where out US patent group, judicial branch, executive branch, I don't know who exactly, needs to step in and say "YOU DID NOT INVENT REMINDING PEOPLE TO DO STUFF!" and prevent these companies from spending (wasting) money and time on winning the patent to do it. Their struggle to win that patent is not value adding for the country in any way whatsoever, but they'll do it anyway for their own gain. It's wasted money that could better go into R&D, for example.
So tell them now, level the field... and prevent all that wasted effort.

Comment Re:Everybody is an engineer? (Score 2) 422

Or to take it even further, back in the 1300s when an engineer was someone who operated military 'engines' - aka machines like catapults.

And let's not forget the Army Corps of Engineers.

Point being, if someone goes to school to learn how to mix chemicals together and then comes out angry that other people are calling themselves engineers, too, but without the schooling, then maybe that someone should go BACK to school and learn some history.

Comment Such sage advice... (Score 5, Interesting) 422

Because, you know, the 1000+ currently open job postings for keyword "programmer" on are just a perfect example of situations where people are already looking to fire you. After all, that's why they created the posting, just so they could waste company resources and fire someone.


Comment Verification test? (Score 3, Interesting) 1088

This is ridiculously stupid and simple to ask, but I'll fire away anyway...

Never stopped me before, why now?

Did they or do they have some way of sending a 'normal' light signal, like say a powerful radio wave, across the same distance and measuring the travel time? If they see it's 60ns longer than the neutrinos then I think we're getting somewhere, neh?

Comment Re:I call on all moderators to mod down the hate (Score 1) 566

What would be more interesting than this article would be a survey on Slashdot users who come to Slashdot merely to be a part of the fanboi flamewars you so vehemently despise. At that point we would probably have a solid answer for why Slashdot, historically, decides to post news that we all decidedly agree is not "news for nerds" -- revenue.

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