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Comment Re:Irony (Score 2) 201

I don't believe that's correct; if you are a US citizen, live outside the US and work outside the US, you are still liable to pay US taxes. Now, there is a fairly generous exclusion you can claim that, for most people, will completely nullify their tax obligation. But if you earn enough money (for 2011, the amount was US$92,900), you will still be liable for taxes on the marginal amount above the exclusion.

It's called the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

Comment Re:If you have to ask... (Score 1) 615

I worked on a project with a team in Chennai and we did it the opposite way; 7 AM Eastern, 5:30 PM Indian. Worked out pretty well, although sometimes it was a bit tough being put on the spot when they've been hammering on an issue all day and you're still groggy, wiping the sleep from your eyes.

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