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Comment Re:Who is responsible? Irrelevant... (Score 1) 148

Who profited from this? So far it seems the Liberals have...

Sabotage your own candidates in close races so that, a year later, they might get to run again in a by-election? I've accused the Liberals of not really wanting to win, but that's ridiculous.

but the phone was registered to a pierre poutine of separist street Quebec - would the Conservatives do that?

The person who registered the burner phone was a bit of an ass, apparently. I used to know a Tiny Tory who would have loved that joke — not that I'd want to help anyone pin this multi-riding scheme on poor old alleged ballot box toucher Michael Sona, who's terrible at looking innocent but incorrectly placed to have masterminded the scheme.

Comment Re:It makes no sense at all (Score 1) 148

After the Conservatives were convicted, the NDP settled and repaid.

Did the NDP blow anywhere near as much hot air in denying any wrongdoing as the Conservatives did? Conservatives and their supporters were carrying on about Elections Canada being out to get them, and how dare anyone question the propriety of their practices... basically the same tone that they're taking now.

Which happened under the previous Liberal administration.

A lot of high-handed and infuriating stuff happened under the previous Liberal administration, and eventually they got stuck with the "arrogant and corrupt" label and lost. (They also collapsed due to petty leadership infighting.)

Ever heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf?

Yeah, at the end, it turns out that there was a wolf, and it ate all of the town's sheep.

Comment Re:Who is responsible? Irrelevant... (Score 1) 148

What are Canadians smoking?

Incumbency, plus the major opposition party sabotaging itself with infighting in the last two elections ("Wahh, I don't want to win if he's the leader.").

That said, we will kick a party out based on a corruption scandal â" if we can find a replacement. As much as I'd enjoy an NDP/Green coalition, what's really going to happen, eventually, is that the Liberals will recover with an electable leader and sell the concept of the Conservatives as arrogant and corrupt. I think Rae could do it absent punditry spending the whole campaign declaring him unelectable, but that's like saying that an empty balloon would float if it had helium in it.

Comment Re:Kettle, black, etc (Score 4, Insightful) 148

Odd, cause the NDP were fessing up to it according to the National Post.

Rae was NDP back when he was premier of Ontario, but he's federal Liberal leader now.

...none of the parties are looking that great lately...

I certainly hope you're not trying to put the Vickileaks Twitter prank, a protest against the provisions of Bill C-30, in the same category as scumbag election tampering. One hurt the feelings of a cabinet minister who'd just called everyone who didn't support his stupid bill child molesters; the other was an attempt to stop people from voting.

I really wish they'd do something more productive.

The Conservative agenda proceeds apace, with an austerity budget — hey, everyone's doing it, great excuse to gut the public sector — out in a week or so.

Comment Re:It makes no sense at all (Score 1) 148

A committee will get formed that, after lengthy discussion...

It's worth noting that Elections Canada is investigating, and they have burned the Conservatives before (on the so called "in-and-out" campaign spending limit violations). This won't go away entirely based on a committee of politicians meeting in camera and deciding that everything's dandy.

Comment Re:Many people don't understand (Score 1) 148

And with so many calls, has there been any attempt to cross-reference them with phone logs to try to figure out where the calls originated from?

Oh, yes. The most hilarious detail is a burner phone registered to "Pierre Poutine, Separatist Street, Joliette Quebec." It's one of our best/worst political scandals in a generation.

Comment Re:This is impossible (Score 3, Informative) 93

Amusing you brought up SAGE, as ICBM are of course part of and intertwined with the story of the space age and space age technology. In fact, I'd say it was downright stupid of your and hurts your arguments terribly.

Well trolled! For those playing along at home, SAGE was for spotting and intercepting bombers.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 449

...for every 1 innocent person you save from life sentences or execution you are in effect sentencing many more innocent people to a much more grisly death at the hands of murderers.

Rubbish. Serial killers are rare. What a terrible reason to do less than your best to avoid convicting innocent people.

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