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Comment In Depth Fisking for the time crunched: (Score 3, Interesting) 1255

Larry Correia (multi NYT bestselling author of Monster Hunter International) did a point by point slam on this article:

Fisking Slate over Public Schools

Naked link to same article:

The woman who wrote the slate article is married with 3 kids in New York. Strangely, last year she wrote in Slate about how happy she will be to stop paying $5000/month on private preschools.

Comment Re:And this is NEWS? (Score 1) 193

The only reason those terminals work on proximity is because they use crap aerials. All it takes is a larger aerial and you can get up to max 10 meter range (beyond that the S/N ratio becomes an issue).

That's what DIRECTIONAL antennae are for. The entire field of radio astronomy is dedicated to improving NFC theft.

Comment How to mass produce and sell (Score 1) 130

If they have a patent, they can sell it for any price they want, and total sales will depend upon the monopolistic curve of the elasticity of demand.

Even then, one hundred million doses for $10 profit each is a thousand millions, or a billion profit. I'd pay $20 bucks for the treatment, and I suspect I could find a few other's who would pay too.

Microsoft can mass produce windows and office. The incremental cost of producing one more copy of Office is rather low.

Physical goods? Apple mass produces iPhones, but they're managing to keep the lights on too.

Frankly, what I'm looking forward to is growing it in my own basement bio lab, and passing it out to friends. I don't have the lab yet, but I'd sure as hell build one for this.

Comment Re:Wheel balancing (Score 1) 114

A long time ago I had an idea:
Fiber optics carrying light through the blades to illuminate the tips.

The lights could be mounted rigidly to the airframe and shine up at the base of the rotors. You could even filter the color of the lights so they're yellow in front, red or green on the sides and red in back.

PLEASE take the idea and run with it. Decapitations are a real problem with rotors. And they'd look cool at night, too.

While we're on the subject, you could also put batteries and electronics in the hollow rotors and coils to sweep past rigidly mounted magnets to turn rotational energy into battery charging electricity. Mercury switches would do the job of letting the electronics know when the rotors were turning, so the batteries wouldn't die.

Wireless would let you send vibration sensor data back to the cockpit.

Looks like you might be in a position to do something with these ideas, possibly make some money. It's now public domain.

Good luck!

Comment Re:Ping vs Knock (Score 2) 114

Your comment is an amazingly good idea.

Build a sound library of normal running engine sounds of various models/engines/transmission combos.
then subtract the normal sound from the current sample
What's left over would be the 'funny noise'
Have the device find the location of just that sound pattern.

You could even build a library of 'funny noises' to match your particular funny noise against.
Kind of like doctors, who have built up databases of symptoms to match diseases.

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