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Comment Re:how about when same thing changes licenses term (Score 1) 213

PLEASE tell me you aren't in Pennsylvania! I've often sent people to the Micro Center store in Radnor, because they have people who actually know what they're talking about (or know where to find someone who knows, if it's something beyond them). I'd hate to think they're going the way of CompUSA. When I had to ask questions there, I started to wonder if these people had ever SEEN a computer!

Comment Re:Takes so long to identify craters? (Score 1) 96

Russia? You're right though, it does. I wonder why the URL in the link lists Bethesda Maryland? I recall seeing a recent program on the History Channel that pointed out a probable impact crater, I believe around the Chesapeake Bay, and that the after effects of the impact lead to the extinction of the large mammals that used to roam North America (giant sloths, saber-toothed cats, mammoths, etc,).

Comment Re:Virtualbox (Score 1) 279

Hey! Windows/DOS has used MasterBootRecord and bootloaders since the days when you had to run a DEBUG script to format the drive when you installed it. There are still tools for MBR repair in Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management. Yeah, I know, they make useful things like tools SO damn easy to find!

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 839

LED light actually generate plenty of heat already. The problem is that to make them an easy replacement unit for the old incandescent bulbs, the heat-sinks were put on the back of the unit. Moving the cooling fins around to the front would have made them very efficient snow-melters, maybe even better than the old bulbs. As I recall from previous discussions about these, over in Europe they don't have a problem with snow build-up in new LED equipped lights, because they were designed to make use of their heat.

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