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Comment Re:It's only "surprising" to arrogant idiots (Score 1) 150

As far as the Chinese go, they are simply reacting to their own business practices - trying to prevent other nations from doing what they did: steal their technology.
This is doomed to failure. Of course they CAN produce great original technology... but DO they? Not really. That is way to expensive.

As to your other point: All great nations fall. But this one won't in your life time.

Besides the modern definition of "fall" isn't what it used to be: some analytics saying an obscure growth metric trajectory is less than another nations, that sort of thing.

Wars in our backyard? We have by far the greatest military on Earth. However our population is so heavily armed that it would crush that military. So assuming you get past the Army, you still have to deal with us. You want to come over here and start sniping, take your best shot... because you won't get many.

Comment BAE has a history of this kind of malfeasance (Score 1) 513

They once cancelled my kids health insurance after an audit for eligibility (basically prove we were married and they were my kids). I submitted all the required documentation, but they misplaced it and without warning cancelled my children (but continued to insure my wife and I).

As it turns out in addition to them being in the wrong (they located the documentation I submitted), the HR guy was gay, and angry about (then) same sex marriage not being allowed, so when corporate finally relented and agreed to turn the benefit back in, the gay dude refused to process the request because it was for a heterosexual couple (this is all in email) and left it on his desk for weeks.

I had to quit to get coverage.

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