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Comment Re:Illegible Cursive going away? Oh Noez! (Score 1) 857

I can't agree more this post, even if I tried. Sure, cursive is no longer the most common form of writing, and it definitely should not be forced upon 10 year kids who probably struggle just to write their own name in print, and can't seem to understand why they can't just type it out on PC and print it. But their is something magical and personal about cursive, and with it reaching extinction ( as far as the general population goes ) it will definitely live on as an art form, which will continue to be used. If I was given the option of receiving a letter from a loved one either by Email or by letter written in cursive, I'd choose cursive every time (of course in a world where everything is instant, waiting 1day for the postal service to deliver the letter is just too damn much to ask). It boils down to culture, taste and appreciate for art. If you don't give two shites about art, culture or history you probably don't care about handwritings or anything vaguely outside of your own interest field, then this discussion is futile (unfortunately it seems the Arts and Culture movement is just not happening at /. ) because we working form two completely separate frameworks. We have those who believe that if it isn't modern, instant and easy it is pointless, useless and completely backwards and has no place in a society trying to "advance" (what ever the that means) who will work with a frameword formed by speed and efficiency, while others (like myself) who might take the stand of personalization, enjoyment of culture and that which is not necessarily advancing society but definitely adding riches to it will take it from a more personal view. One of personal enrichment, and the pleasures and luxuries of life that have no price value, but build up character, and stirs up the emotions. all in all, cursive will die out (but only to the general public) their will always be a remnant who hold on to a form of writing that definitely is more personalized than any email will ever be.
Social Networks

Twitter Offline Due To DDoS 398

The elusive Precision dropped a submission in my lap about a DDoS taking down Twitter running on CNet. It's been down for several hours, no doubt wreaking havoc on the latest hawtness in social networking. Won't someone please think of the tweeters? Word is that both Facebook & LiveJournal have been having problems this AM as well.

MySpace's Trip to The Top 126

One of yesterday's most commented stories was the report that has recently topped the charts for at least one measure of Internet popularity — site visits, as measured by Web-metrics company Hitwise. Along with a hefty dose of scorn for the actual content driving those page views (and some challenges to the conventional wisdom about MySpace's audience), readers expressed respect — not all of it grudging — for the reasons that MySpace has succeeded as it has. The 360-plus comments readers contributed to the story add interesting insights as well as information about the backend system which supports all those pageviews. Read on for the Backslash summary of the conversation.

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