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Comment Re:It works? (Score 2, Interesting) 310

Sir, a full exploration of all of the facts and an exhaustive comparison between all the Unix variants has been the subject of many books, panel discussions, conventions, and academic discourses, and has yet to be fully explored. I think that a high-level overview is both more productive, and better suited, for a humble posting on an electronic forum.

Actually, there is a dichotomy between OpenBSD and all other operating systems. Theo's political stances have brought a lot of problems for the development of OpenBSD as compared to other BSD dstributions, but at their core, the OpenBSD devs are concerned with server security, open code and open protocols and not necessarily the latest features. This process is called security auditing.

They still have only a generally limited window manager, but without the plodding devotion of the OpenBSD team, many binary WiFi blobs (that have been reverse engineered by the OpenBSD team) would still be enabling security breaches while legitimate users were none the wiser. SSH, and the use of remote terminals for all operating systems, have been vastly improved because of the OpenBSD project and it's (simple) minimum requirements which are generally unmet by the commercial software industry.

Whether or not the OpenBSD platform ever grows into a popular client for web-browsing and document editing, it seems as if the community of developers using OpenBSD for their work have definitely succeeded as administrators over the years. And because of the license BSD provides to developers, all of the code in OpenBSD can be used in other projects, whether or not those other projects meet the political standards of Theo de Raadt.

Comment Re:Woo-hoo (Score 1) 229

And for those who don't know, GDL stands for Gray Death Legion, who found a Star League memory core on the planet Helm near the end of the Fourth Succession War. They then gave copies to all the Great Houses who then began decoding it and becoming able to bring back some of the technology lost in the First, Second, and Third Succession Wars

My memory going back to the original MW game is hazy because I played it so much without actually following the story when I was younger. I remember when I finally beat it, though, I had tracked down a Gray Death _____ with a bunch of immense mechs. In a 4v5 battle where one of my 3 ace pilots inevitably would do something bone-headed and we'd all die and I'd play it over again. Is it the same Gray Death Legion? And where in the timeline did the original MW computer game fall? Honestly, I am amazed that Microsoft would buy the license just to do so little with it for so long and I'm just really happy there is going to be a new one.

Comment Re:MW4 Mercs, FOSS In spirit (Score 1) 229

Your loss, MW3 was way better than MW4, in MW4 all of the mechs feel like plastic tonka toys.

I think as a younger and more idealistic gamer I thought that boycotting game manufacturers with retarded DRM schemes (If you played MW2, you should agree that MW3's DRM scheme was retarded) would result in the elimination of DRM from the games industry...but no, it turned out that game sales fell because of pirates and not conscious decision-making on the part of myself and other disgruntled customers.

Maybe it doesn't matter now, but back in 1999 when I purchased a game if you told me I'd have to download a crack in order to play a CD and the game at the same time I'd tell you the game was broken and that it wasn't worth buying it anyway.

It was my loss, though...just makes me more pissed at SecurROM and every manufacturer who has bought into their "business model." If DRM is to protect the first two weeks of sales from piracy and otherwise only harms legitimate customers, release a patch to eliminate it after two weeks so I can buy the game! Grrr.....

Comment Re:MW4 Mercs, FOSS In spirit (Score 1) 229

I don't know how many of you ever played Mechwarrior 4, but at its very heart it was an open source game.

For real? MechWarrior 3 was the only one I skipped as it appeared to be an obvious step down from MechWarrior 2. I was sort of dismayed when I learned that the MechWarrior franchise was bound to go the way of Halo, but I bought MechWarrior 4 and played through it. It was fun, if not very long. I played on a few public servers but I became bored quickly with the lack of certain tactics that are in the classic game and, especially, the lack of customizable mechs available.

The only complaint I have is that the open source expansions broke Microsoft's expansion, and I couldn't use my WarHawk anymore. (Masakari, to you Inner Sphere Trash).

Okay, that sounds about right. I never got into the MechWarrior 2 expansions, though I had the Ghost Bear one. I really wanted to customize the loadout myself, like you could do in the Battletech tabletop games. But are you saying I need to buy the expansion in order to make customized mechs and that nobody without the expansion can experience those mods and additionally that once you use customized mechs it actually disables the expansion content you purchased? I admit it. The fact is, I held my prejudice against expansions for games and never even considered the possibility that I could experience something more among the community because I considered it a foregone conclusion that...

Microsoft gained a lot of my respect because not only did they allow it? They encouraged it, by making these extensions easy to build and distribute.

would not happen. Even more prejudiced, I know. MicroSoft? Why you gotta be like that? Anyway, glad I found out. Might try this out if Mercs is included.

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