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Comment How can I upgrade? (Score 1) 437

If upgrading Android would take something like apt-get full-upgrade from the device or at worst booting some ISO on my PC with the device connected, I'd do it. But devices are locked, I can't upgrade my phone above 4.1 and drivers that would allow me to install bootleg distros are unavailable in source code form. So yeah, I'm sticking with 4.1 as long as my phone works and its battery still keeps me online for 5-6 days.

Comment Re:Interesting, but ... (Score 1) 150

Preservation of local languages and introduction of a global one are not exclusive goals. All it takes is the world to agree to teach everyone a second language so that in one or two generations every person in the world had TWO native languages - a local and the global one. But if we could agree on things like that we wouldn't be afraid of wars nor global warming.

Comment Atom mainboard + PCI RAID card + 4 HDDs (Score 1) 287

My home data center is a single frankenPC that I made from an old chassis, a mainboard that has integrated Intel Atom CPU, PCI RAID card and 4 HDDs. It's running Ubuntu Server. It works well enough, Linux manages the RAID and emails me when drives are failing, it has a transmission-deamon which is a torrent client with web interface, it also runs Sickbeard that downloads tv episodes automatically for me. The box also does and stores backups of my other computers AND web servers. I have gigabit ethernet at my home and the box can saturate it (although I use WD Red drives which are not that fast). Also, the whole setup grabs just 35W of power (it takes about 24W when I spin HDDs down, but I don't think they like it, so I don't do it).

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