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Comment Re:This changes nothing. . . (Score 1) 449

You're making the assumption that these people had no choice but to deal/use drugs in the first place.

The war on drugs is dumb, but as long as it carries the force of law it's just as dumb to get caught and charged with a felony because you had them in your possession.

I'm also tired of hearing "the corporations" used as boogeymen behind every problem with the world. How exactly do you think they benefit from the war on drugs? Legalized marijuana would create a huge new market with a lot of money moving through it-- a few people would get stupid rich, and a whole bunch of people would make a good living.

Comment Re:GPS-based air speed (Score 1) 403

erm... you know that the atmosphere more or less rotates with the earth? Wind is by definition a difference between the velocity of the air and the velocity of the surface of the earth. For convenience, the earth is used as a fixed frame of reference. If you want to bring relativity into it, i'm happy to play ball... If you have such a poor understanding of physics, maybe you shouldn't be so condescendingly sarcastic when correcting people on it.

Comment Re:Suspect?.... (Score 1) 403

You're wrong. There is no physical connection at all between the cockpit and the control surfaces. EVERYTHING is filtered through a computer. And I have no idea where you got the idea that the computer will automatically "guess" at the correct airspeed in the event of a sensor failure... In a Boeing, the pilot is in command. In an airbus, the pilot must ask politely...

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