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Comment Re:Petty Humans (Score -1, Flamebait) 3

It may seem like complex human behavior, but it's really just part of the natural desire for domination. The motivation couldn't be simpler. The singularity that connects everything in this universe. We are not unique.

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Journal Journal: So.. What's up with the dollar? 10

Been dropping all last week.. Wonder if I'll reading about it all next week..

Somebody.. please.. help me find the old edit page Or at least something that lets me change the topic icon. doesn't work anymore

Comment Re:Do they ? (Score 1) 444

Do they?

Who funded Al Queda?

Who funded the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who funded the Islamic terrorist network all around the world?

That's how they play ball. Their 'funds' provide plausible deniability for the west. It enables the 'our' governments to keep an iron fist on us, imposing austerity, while maintaining their little charade of 'freedom'. Turns out perpetual war is very good business.

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