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Comment Re:How does it compare to Unisys MCP ? (Score 1) 59

Coming late to this party, I can only share this one datapoint: If I recollect right, it was the hardware on the Burroughs Large Systems that was memory-safe. Arrays were done as Segment Descriptors, and if you indexed outside the segment it raised an exception. Byte-addressed (for 6-bit, 8-bit, etc bytes) were done as "String Descriptors" that referred to the Segment Descriptor.

The only other hardware I know of that did this lately was the UCSB P-system; there may be others since then.

Comment FTW! (Score 1) 290

Sonic does not cap my bandwidth. The copper they rent from AT&T may cap my bandwidth, but upstream of Sonic's DSLAM in the AT&T CO it's all good.

Hi, Dane!

Comment Re:yea I do remember (Score 1) 176

next we are going to have a candlelight service for lycos?

Who even owns Lycos any more? Last I heard Telefonica sold them off to some Korean investors who shut the place down to minimal size.
Whowhere (which they acquired to get MailCity, which became Lycos Mail) still exists but I can't imagine what people database it searches.

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