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Comment Re:I'm gonna go Orwellian on yo ass (Score 4, Insightful) 49

I can see this as something most people are not going to want to carry around. Phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses are too much as it is.

Maybe they can integrate them into purses/man-satchels/bras/brossieres etc. along with wireless recharging and built-in antennas in the straps.

Give it a few years, cellphones in early 90 had brick-sized batteries and yet people still carried them around, now it is hard to find a phone that is not a miniature wi-fi enabled game console with a video camera that can also make phone calls.

Comment Re:So not that acquainted with the street then? (Score 1) 527

Actually, an interesting thing that I've noticed - quite a few dealers I know still have a sense of responsibility and would never sell anything to a kid under 14 or so. But that's just small pot dealers, chances are, those who are in it to make a living off it and would also push harder drugs, wouldn't probably care.

Comment Re:This stuff matters (Score 1) 620

Actually, you raise a very interesting point. As soon as you can convert real money to not just game time, but chips(PLEX) and then gamble them using odds(which depend on your ship and stats), you have a casino... and not just any casino, a casino where you can only spend your winning on other games in it and never cash out. Made more interesting by the fact that other players can gamble without any chips and yet take all of yours, like in this story... It's like a medieval arena in a bad fantasy novel - somebody challenges you to a fight and you can't refuse it... and if you lose, you lose everything, if you win, you get nothing, just more battles until you eventually lose.

Comment Oh yea? (Score 1) 283

I'm telling you, the government has a car that runs on air, man! They just don't want us to know, because then, we'll buy all the air. Then... there will be nothing left to breathe but pot smoke! and the government knows that weed....will set us free!

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