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Comment Re:Actually its a great cure (Score 1) 172

No, it would only end patents for small inventors because they wouldn't have the money to do the exhaustive searches to find any and all prior art or to pay the fines. On the other hand, huge behemoths like IBM or Microsoft would have little issues as they have huge groups of devoted staff to be used for this purpose. And if they did happen to misfile a patent, the fine would be peanuts to them.

Comment Re:Criminal charges (Score 1) 172

Of course if you really were unable to find the prior art and did the required level of due diligence in looking for it then they won't be able to prove you knew about it, so you won't get convicted and hence won't get fined.

You mean like how if you are innocent of a crime that you are never wrongfully accused and convicted? Yeah, that never happens.

Comment Re:Clearly Slashdot is better than Google (Score 1) 172

Counting on Ray Ozzie to come to Lotus' defense is a fool's errand, though. Like all the once-luminary personalities that got bought by Microsoft, he belongs to them and will serve their interests instead of our own. :-)

Because Ray Ozzie never served his own interests until he got to Microsoft? Yeah right.

Comment Re:Free Market working A-OK (Score 1) 624

No I don't lack any reading ability at all. He was trying to claim that because there are high costs of entry that somehow it's not a free market which is false. Certain types of activities have more expensive infrastructure costs. That's just the way it is. That doesn't make it any less of a "free market". The notion of a "free market" has to do with being able to freely exchange goods without government intervention not that anyone and everyone can necessarily start a business in any field they want.

Comment Re:Human reaction bottleneck (Score 1) 624

It seems to me like any potential for exploiting millisecond delays in transaction transmission will be consumed and defeated by the time it takes a human operator to interpret the information and hit the "confirm purchase/sale" button.

Did you even read the summary? Let me quote the relevant section:

The 'algos' that make autonomous trading decisions

Comment Re:Free Market working A-OK (Score 1) 624

The problem is the start-up cost. Buying the necessary hardware, obtaining the required data sources, developing the necessary analytical formulas and coding them efficiently costs a *lot* of money. So it's the free market of people who already have a lot of money and time, or simply an enormous amount of money.

Because the people currently providing these services didn't have to pay all the infrastructure and coding costs when they joined? Since when did "free market" mean you didn't have to spend money to join in?

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