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Comment Re:Academic degrees vs. trade school degrees (Score 2) 668

In my experience, all the people who studied on their own and knew what they wanted to do and before they entered college became distracted and depressed. The filler classes just suck up time, motivation, and money. Then they'd just feel worse and worse for not focusing on their real studies

Comment Re:Too many merit scholarships? Troll harder. (Score 1) 668

I delayed my Freshman year until I was 22 just so I could get my parents off my FAFSA only to have those pig fuckers raise the age to 24 on my 21st birthday.

This shit right here is one of the big ways financial aid sucks. Are you a 22 year old who has been living on your own for years? Lulz, your parents are totally going to give you tens of thousands of dollars suddenly to go to school. No need to give you any money.

Comment The issue has been solved, and is over (Score 2) 316

At 9am this morning the amendment was withdrawn, and the language of the bill changed to include that employers will be required to pay employees $500 along with any damages should they ask for their social media passwords. So no one is getting their social media passwords taken by employers.
See for your self It's under "In the house" If you don't believe that then watch the senate themselves withdraw the amendment and change the language of the bill

This amendment never had a chance in hell, and has been put to death.

Comment Re:It takes 20+ years to build a nuclear plant (Score 1) 599

The 80% figure I cited was for pumped water. Sorry, I should have been more specific.
Looking at this interview about molten salt from the company Gemasola it looks like the technolgy has come quite a ways.

"....This winter we have already achieved 404MWh in 24 hrs.... In summertime then we reached 428MWh in a single day...."

There doesn't seem to significant degradation due to Winter conditions

Comment Re:It takes 20+ years to build a nuclear plant (Score 2) 599

Solar you can store some of the excess heat but liquid salt is awful short term. Solar panels + batteries help smooth it out but they have the exact same issues as coal extraction.

Could you expand a bit on these two things? Why are molten salt pits "short term"? And why do you see solar + batteries as having the same issues as coal?

Water you have to deal with the eco/economic problem of sucking up millions of gallons of water and putting it somewhere else.

Aren't you just going to put this water in a storage facility? What's so hard about that? Pumped water for energy storage has about an 80% efficiency. This doesn't seem like a problem.

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