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Comment Re:Windows Media Center (Score 2, Informative) 536

agreed on MCE.

i've used many of the other DVR/PVR applications (MythTV, SageTV, Nero, etc) but none have worked as smoothly as Media Center, Windows 7 MCE really brings its A game. :)

i have a remote and IR blaster and mainly use mine to record just network tv; i can also easily access any of the recorded tv shows over my homegroup on any of my other Windows 7 laptops/netbooks and even my PS3.

MP4 movies look and work well inside of MCE too (atleast on Win7, vista had a few issues w/MP4/h264 codecs since it didn't support it natively). I run MCE on my HP laptop and use a MCE remote i got with my tuner card. Netflix plugin is really well done too.

Comment Re:hey, it beats (Score 1) 545

imo, that generation should die off in the next 10-15 years and give up its 'old world' ideaology.

seriously, are those in control at the studios that ignorant and blind to the current world?? really???? (remember, they are the majority generation in power at the moment) we really need more geeks in the corp seats.

just my .02.. and to think i've been playing by the rules; fuck these guys for trying or even thinking of doing that. it seems like they are trying to take over society (the music/movie industry).

first they start suing the hell out of everyone

second they start lobbying govts across the world to basically BAN people from the internet (ie like taking books away from a 1800s person) for downloading a product they most likely would have never purchased to start with and was not offered in a convenient/stream lined way

third they take over the govt by becoming a part of it.

/puts tinfoil hat back on

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