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Comment Re:This was predicted to happen two years ago (Score 1) 238

If a company is generating massive revenues from a dominant product (in this case web search advertising), using that revenue to fund development of a free product in another market can be viewed as an anticompetitive abuse of monopoly position.

So your saying that if I have funds to roll out a product, its unfair towards companies that don't have same amount of funds? :)

Comment Re:This is what I would choose as the thesis (Score 1) 1367

Generally BS - there always is economic justification in not cooking consumers that drive the economy. The same as there is economic sense in having seven children - in many parts of China, children are a form of retirement pension, well worth the fifteen years investment in food, as they will be repaying you back for the next thirty.

Short term investments in greener production can result in long term profits by not killing the planet, flooding Sahara, blowing up the sun or whatever the Greens have to say today.

Not to mention the consumerist value of the greenhouse effect - buy new, buy green! Buy a Mac that produces 15% less greenhouse gases and save the planet.

Well, that is, if the greenhouse effect is true.

Comment May be a little off-topic... (Score 1) 103

But I couldn't decide between Fedora and Ubuntu for long time. Always torn between Fedora's features and Ubuntu's support and software-base. And then I installed Arch and I seek no more.

The ultimate Linux distro for the semi-poweruser. Its more bleeding edge then Fedora, more solid/stable then Ubuntu (not Debian level, no sir, but close enough for desktop use), with AUR - giant software repositories (stuff Fedora didn't hear of, one click away... or command) and last, but not least, best community anywhere.

But be prepared to to spend your free weekend to set it, and polish, it up as it pretty much requires you to fit everything by hand, and then trim it to your liking.

Comment Correct me if I'm wrong... (Score 4, Interesting) 100

...but won't SOPA/PIPA work both ways? Won't MAFIAA online distribution channels be affected as well? I could place my copyrighted work somewhere in comment/review section of their sitesand then cite PIPA to take the online store offline.

I'm assuming that according to SOPA/PIPA, site owner is still accountable for what user posts.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 341

They're anything but batshit crazy. They're simply not bound by the most common moral standards. With lacking moral compass, lots of money and simple goals you can do anything you want that, even remotely, can be justified within current laws.

It's just a business model.

Comment (Score 0) 375

For great VPS database, check - as the name suggests, they collect info about rather cheaper VPSes. And in the forums/comments section users usually review/try-out/benchmark the boxes.

I personally use evorack hosts - absolutely superb support, very decent specs/price ratio and they use Xen which is a must-have for some.

Comment Re:They are going to have to pass a law (Score -1) 669

Facebook is not schoolyard where you can angrily call your teacher names.

As my professor said, we live in a dangerous times - being called a pedophile by a 13 yo student of yours, especially via a as permanent medium as the internet is can make your life hell.

Of course lets not get hysteric here - kids are kids and they do stupid things and most of them will get screened in time and forgotten. But once in a while you hear of a guy who was accused of rape and promptly lynched by angry mob. And all because some kid got an F and told his parents that he was raped and then blackmailed with bad grades not to tell anyone.

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