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Comment Idiot artist (Score 5, Interesting) 376

Lol, just watched the video montage he did of the stunt. Some minutes into the video, after showing a couple of hundred faces, he ponders "Would people look different if I showed them how the computer sees them?" - or in other words "Would people react differently if I showed them I was taking pictures of them?"

As predicted - most did. Next he says "Most just hit escape".

Couldn't help but laugh at his naivety. Of course people would hit escape - they don't want their picture taken you twat!

Comment Re:Godspeed Atlantis (Score 1) 275

I couldn't agree more. I'm totally convinced we'll see a flourishing private space industry well before we're dead. Astroid mining, harvesting solar energy .. something like that must become a motivator for entrepreneurs and investors sooner or later. And the baby steps taken during the tourism era could provide the fuel to the industry's growth through innovation and cost efficiency.

Comment The only correct answer (Score 1) 545

Dear OP.

What you are after is a so-called "WYSIWYG" editor. This acronym stands for "What You See Is What You Get" - but is falsely misleading. I work as a web developer, and every single WYSIWYG editor I've ever seen is pure shit. Yes, this includes Dreamweaver and its amazing preview function. What you see is definitely not what you get.

The rendering of web pages are completely dependent on the web browser. For the browser to display the website correctly, the code must comply with certain standards and best practices. The problem being that there are so many different web browsers. And even though we hate to admit it, Internet Explorer 6 still has around 10-20% market share. FYI; IE6 is notoriously difficult to engineer content for.

Trust me on the following: if you don't care wether or not your website can be rendered in all major web browsers - your content can't be all too important either. The internet is full of worthless shit and if your goal is to just slap some more crap onto the intertubes, then - well you shouldn't. If your goal is to publish something of value for the public to read - then take the time to either a) learn what it takes to code web pages correctly, or b) hire someone to do it for you.

Don't use WYSIWYG editors. Stop being lazy. Get off my tubes.

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