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Submission + - The Last Letter (truthdig.com)

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From: Tomas Young I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded. I was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in 2004 in Sadr City. My life is coming to an end. I am living under hospice care. I write this letter on behalf of husbands and wives who have lost spouses, on behalf of children who have lost a parent, on behalf of the fathers and mothers who have lost sons and daughters and on behalf of those who care for the many thousands of my fellow veterans who have brain injuries.

Submission + - Squeezing More Power and Efficiency From Microsoft's Cloud (datacenterknowledge.com)

1sockchuck writes: After you’ve built one of the most efficient data centers on earth, how do you make it even better? One refinement at a time, as Microsoft has found in its data center in Dublin, the primary hub that powers the company’s online services throughout Europe. Since 2009, the company has boosted server density while improving its PUE (a key measure of energy efficiency) in Dublin. It's found that it can rely entirely on fresh air to cool its servers, and has disconnected mechanical cooling systems held in reserve for hot weather. The refinements get as esoteric as switching from black cabinets to white ones, which reflect light better and can reduce the amount of overhead lighting required in the $500 million data center.

Submission + - Chinese open source community is brought into the global Ubuntu community (canonical.com)

GovCheese writes: Canonical, the software company that manages and funds Ubuntu, announced that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will base their national reference architecture for standard operating systems on Ubuntu, and they will call it Kylin. Arguably China is the largest desktop market and the announcement has important implications. Shuttleworth's phrasing of, “The release of Ubuntu Kylin brings the Chinese open source community into the global Ubuntu community,” will irk many who already feel Shuttleworth controversial, but the partnership further cements Ubuntu as an open-source influencer. This is a win for Ubuntu. Is it a win for the open-source community?
The Military

Submission + - British military drops US pistol for Austrian gun (spacedaily.com) 1

Emma Fernandez writes: "Britain's military is changing its standard-issue pistol to the Austrian-made Glock from the US-built Browning it has used for 40 years, with troops in Afghanistan to get them first, officials said Friday.

The defence ministry said it had awarded the 9-million Pounds ($14-million, 11-million-euro) contract to Glock because the sidearms are lighter, more accurate and can carry more bullets than the Browning.

"We are determined to provide our troops with the best possible personal kit available and these new Glock 17s will give them greater firepower and accuracy on operations," defence equipment minister Philip Dunne said."


Submission + - Twitter-shaming can cost you your job - whether you're giving or receiving (infoworld.com)

tsamsoniw writes: "Hoping to strike a blow against sexism in the tech industry, developer and tech evangelist Adria Richards took to Twitter to complain about two male developers swapping purportedly offensive jokes at PyCon. The decision has set into motion a chain of events that illustrate the impact a tweet or two can make in this age of social networking: One the developers and Richards have since lost their jobs, and even the chair of PyCon has been harassed for his minor role in the incident."

Submission + - Retro Database Making a Comeback? (visualstudiomagazine.com)

the_insult_dog writes: "Remember when your primary software suite consisted of WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBASE III (and you coded while listening to Wham! and Foreigner)? Well, the pioneering database, after almost dying in the new world of SQL and Microsoft, has undergone many changes of ownership since then, but a new company has acquired the rights and just released dBASE PLUS 8. The company claims "millions of software developers" are still using it."

Submission + - Getting out of the Social Networks and a getting a real life

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: I have not published my report as of yet, but over the last 5 years I struggle to find what social networks finally achieve. Before I publish the report later this year I would like to ask slashdot. Have people decided on a specific purpose in joining that Social Network or is it Just the lack of something to do?

Comment Re:So you're saying, (Score 1) 284

Well DUH! Whenever some CEO says "We won't do it" as soon as something they planned (read: quietly announced to test the waters) caused a public outcry, it only means "we're waiting for you to be occupied with something else".

They invested money inventing it, it benefits them, they won't just "forget" about it. They wait for YOU to forget about it.

I know someone in the mid-west United States Missouri who is the daughter of the brain-child of a filthy rich Monsanto monster. His daughter suffers from serious health issues. There are also a lot of freedom on information requests on Monsanto in the UK but with a bit of luck from honest people and health risks.... this is where the the UK/USA stands and we will not be defeated by lies and cover ups!

Small Speech;

Ladies and Gentlemen; Our rights;

1, To defend the Magna Carta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magna_Carta
2, The people of America are here to defend the Constitution https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_the_United_States

Messing with our rights is unfair and actually highly unacceptable in any way shape or form; be it by bad diplomacy, wars, and the amount of other PR (Public Relations can be drummed up in the name of democracy to justify your actions). We do not want wars, we want peace.

If you do not mind we get on with all people from all religions and we understand that we are 'Friends Together'.

Comment If you use Windows 8 (Score 0) 185

You certainly cannot do this but waste half of your life trying to undo the metro system and have to do some registry changes and even that does not work to get rid of the offending system. There was a report on slashdot about M$ blaming manufacturers about the failure of Windows 8.

Here are some links below that will help you out;



But that only helps so far as the damn thing does keep on appearing the only thing you can do after booting up is to run the metro killer


The metro system is that intrusive that one might want to think about downgrading and you can get help with that from;


hope that helps and if all else fails just get hirens boot cd; reformat and start over from scratch

Official untouched links to windows iso's Digital River here http://www.mydigitallife.info/download-windows-7-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit-direct-download-links

Comment Sat on the fence (Score 1) 1

In reality, when it comes around to Microsoft and Google nothing will ever be settled. They will always be fighting to gain market share.

Back when google launched it was a friendly search engine many many years ago and friendly, but now it is just an appalling spy machine for government agencies as is microsoft and microsoft are controlled by the gov and are complicit with cofee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Online_Forensic_Evidence_Extractor
or https://www.microsoft.com/government/en-us/pages/default.aspx

What I am saying is Google and M$ will prostitute themselves without a care in the world as long as they can rake in some cash from users and this goes all the way up to the highest governmental level in the advent of SOPA PIPA etc.

It is my prediction that Google will merge "" with microsoft within the next two years and Yahoo will side or merge with facebook.

Comment Sub Means below? (Score 3, Interesting) 264

So is this story misleading to say that absolute zero was achieved. Wikipedia The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are defined so that absolute zero is 273.15 C or 459.67 F. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_zero

But in the news story it says SUB and SUB means below, yet there is no mention of the temperature whatsoever in the article and going beyond absolute zero is not possible even out in space! You can get close, but not to absolute zero otherwise you would have created the ultimate weapon!

Enough said.

Comment Re:Let's face it ... (Score 1) 138

Compare the revenues received by the estate of Elvis Presley in 2012 with those of any year while he was alive.

In other words, STFU.

Compare the Drugs Elvis took, he is dead... get over it or try pimping your arse in Las Vegas as Elvis. Lisa Marie-Prestley has also made a hash of things, from Danny Keogh, to Scientology and another husband etc etc......

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