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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 501

Well, yeah, I was being a little harsh on C. Though C++ was a patch to try and bring new features to C (OO, templates, etc) and to fix things which were perceived as flaws (for example, having to define variables at the start of a function). It succeeded too, but also introduced much much more complexity, more undefined pits of doom and other flaws to the language. Now they want to patch this? I say no - switch to a language which never had these flaws to begin with and be done with it. Besides, how long will it take for compilers to really support C++0x anyway? By the time its fully supported, I'll hopefully have stopped using C++ entirely. (Yes, I still sometimes use C++)

Comment Meh (Score 1) 501

Who gives a shit. They lost me when they first announced C++0x
C++ was a great old language (sometimes, when the moons were aligned), but I've moved on. They needn't bother trying to patch up a patch up for an old obsolete language (and I do apologize to C fans.. I know I'm being harsh). Opinion, sure, but you gotta admit, we don't need a patched up C++.

Comment Re:They got my email (Score 1) 268

CAPTCHA's do not now or will ever work. Its trivially easy to circumvent them by paying a sweatshop of kids in a 3rd world country to solve them or by forwarding them to a "view porn by completing CAPTCHA" service. CAPTCHA's cannot ever work, so they only serve to keep away the small time bots or to annoy legitimate users.

Comment Re:Software Projects vs. Traditional Projects (Score 1) 140

If I could, I'd vote you up. People have this illusion that software is unique or different. Bullshit. Software is buggy because its become accepted. Once bad quality is something that people will not to tolerate, it will get better. I agree completely with your post and have thought this for quite a while now. Congrats for a good post!

Comment Re:No... not buying this at all (Score 1) 295

I would say it means that the software (the thought processes) has BSOD'd and the user (the soul) is temporarily locked out. After a quick reboot, the soul is back in control and you wake up, or whatever. The biggest mistake God ever made was to allow Microsoft to make our Operating System.. I'm sure most of our personality and mental disorders are really just driver bugs...

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