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Comment Re:Tuition (Score 1) 193

these policies are at the university or state level. most university policies of this sort are not enforced (cost:benefit prohibitive, as exemplified here), have loop-holes (cannot collect royalties on books they require for their own classes, so professors collude and require each other's book). i haven't heard of (and couldn't find) a state prosecuting a professor who broke a relevant law.

Comment Re:Chinese Political Prisoners too? (Score 1) 302

chinese political prisoners are already rich chinese citizens (if they weren't rich, they'd be dead instead of in prison). tax-deduction money wouldn't effect any change here.

this is about funding organizations to assist governments in disrupting human trading.


Submission + - HP to open source WebOS (

jcombel writes: The article quotes new CEO Meg Whitman, "“WebOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable,” said Meg Whitman, the newly crowned president of HP. “By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices.”

The Wired writer, on the other hand, calls this the death of WebOS — as if it couldn't possibly go anywhere in the hands of the FOSS community.

Submission + - Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV ( 1

jcombel writes: As the Supreme Court gets ready to hear oral arguments in a case Tuesday that could determine if authorities can track U.S. citizens with GPS vehicle trackers without a warrant, a young man in California has come forward to Wired to reveal that he found not one but two different devices on his vehicle recently.

Comment Re:What are the range of failures? (Score 5, Insightful) 357

The iPhone line on the other hand has all the products on the latest version of the OS even if every phone doesn't support the latest and greatest features

i don't feel like this is a super valid comparison, unless you mention that the iPhone ran like horseshit on iOS 2 onward, and the iPhone 3G always ran poorly. now my wife's 3GS runs like butt on iOS 5. further, all the products are not on the latest version of the OS: the iPhone caps out at version iOS 3, and the 3G caps out at version 4. history suggests that iOS5 is the last straw for the 3GS.

if, perhaps, you mean that all the iPhones currently for sale are on the latest OS, i would point out that all the Nexus phones currently for sale are on the latest OS, and that will be true when ICS is released, also.

a more accurate comparison of HTC and Google's upgrade path to iOS:
the original iPhone used the current OS until it didn't get iOS 4, so from 2007-06 to 2010-06, three years, half of which it ran poorly. you have no options for upgrading for new features even if you wanted to.
the iPhone 3G used the current OS until it didn't get iOS 5, so from 2008-06 to 2011-10, three years and some change, all of which it ran poorly. you have no options for upgrading for new features even if you wanted to.
the Nexus One is using the current Android phone OS until it doesn't get ICS, so from 2010-01 to ~2011-11 or 12, just under two years, all of which ran excellently. you will have the option of installing custom ROMs with ICS features if you choose to.

anecdotal, my nexus one also had the defective power button, but since it had previously been dropped onto the highway from my motorcycle (whoops), it was in too ugly a condition for me to send back to the manu for a repair: i figured repair center drones would return it to me as user abuse, and that they'd be right to do so. since i have the option of rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM, i did so and use an app to power down the phone, and the volume buttons to wake it up.

considering it survived a 75mph bounce and skid on the highway (i had to file down burrs on the metal face), i forgave HTC for the eventual failure of the power button. it is my first HTC phone, but they've sold me on their build quality. my first-gen iPhone was had an unusable crack on the screen that needed replacing after a three-foot drop, and once i repaired that, i found that the impact had also killed the battery, as it wouldn't last longer than half an hour idle, or a few minutes in call.

HTC's build quality despite my abuse, and their vow to not stop hobbyists from rooting Android phones has guaranteed that my next phone will be an HTC again; probably their first ICS phone that supports NFC. my wife's next phone was looking to be an Apple, but now she's frustrated with how poorly it has been performing this last month so we'll see.

last thing, i don't agree with Synerg1y's take, "Ya but u can do more on any build of android than any ios build so the comparison isn't really that fair." while the capabilities of the OS are pretty similar, the fine details is pretty objective: i definitely respect that some people (my wife) just want a simple, option-less phone that also connects to the internet. what i mean is, the feature set does not need be mentioned in the same conversation as build quality (though build quality perhaps need be mentioned in the conversation about feature set).

Comment Re:Ed Bott (Score 1) 548

i've read a few (only ones that have been front-page story'd on slashdot) and they all seemed reasonable and factual so far. from what i understand the guy has written several entries per week for the last umpteen years, i think just directing me to his hundreds of entries is a bit unreasonable. if you don't want to go link diving, that's fine, i don't want to go digging either. do you remember any particular topics that he lied or misrepresented, so that i might try my google fu for a couple minutes?

Comment Re:Ed Bott (Score 0) 548

You have to be stubborn to refute the repeated lies that Ed and so-called journalists and "analysts" like him will spew. It gets old quick.

i don't mind being wrong, and would like to be as informed as possible. could you link to me an article he wrote containing verifiable lies?

Comment Re:Ed Bott (Score 0) 548

said it before, still relevant:

not sure what the /. issue with the guy is.

ed bott makes a living writing publicly (for news sites and publishing his own books) on technology topics, mostly about windows - he likes windows, he writes about it, and publishes his work. getting paid to do what you like in a field that you like doesn't make you a shill. it makes you happy. it's a pretty cynical worldview, to assume that people aren't doing honest things because they like them, but instead dishonest things because a MegaCorp is paying them BIG BUX.

Not going to RTFA and almost didn't RTFS because of his name.

choosing to remain in your echo chamber will leave you with few new ideas. if that's your prerogative, though, knock yourself out.

Comment Re:This is how liberty dies. (Score 4, Informative) 416

Even your founding fathers knew this when Franklin said "democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for dinner".

Ben Franklin did not say this. People on the internet - trying to make their goofy arguments sound intellectual and/or support a non-literal interpretation of the second amendment - said this.


Submission + - VIA Sues Apple for Patent Infringement (

jcombel writes: The patent wars raged on today with chipmaker VIA Technologies filing suit against Apple for infringing on its patents with its iDevices.

VIA Technologies Inc., a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, filed suit on Wednesday with the U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Del. VIA’s complaint has to do with three U.S. patents allegedly infringed upon by Apple’s microprocessors, which include the in-house designed A4 and A5 that power the iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad.

That seems to cast a fairly wide net, but since the core tech behind products made by VIA and Apple are based on completely different architecture, it could be that its issues are mainly to do with the modifications Apple has made to the basic ARM design in order to makes its A-series processors more power efficient.

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