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Submission + - Jobs Announces iPhone, AppleTV & Movies

An anonymous reader writes: Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced made some much anticipated announcements in his keynote address at Macworld Expo today. Along with the previously previewed AppleTV (formerly known at the iTV), Jobs announced that Apple struck a deal to sell Paramount movies through the iTunes store. He also announced the much-anticipated iPhone, which he boasts will "leap frog" ahead of other mobile phones. Jobs believes that usability will set this phone apart. Instead of a keyboard or stylus, it uses "multitouch" for touch screen navigation. This smart phone runs OS X, so you can access email, the web, and text message through a familiar interface. One of the most interesting features is "visual voicemail" that lets you navigate through your voicemail directly to the message you want. It synchronizes with both Macs and PCs through iTunes.

Submission + - Jobs' Officaly Announces iPhone

Thansal writes: Jobs has announced the Applie iPhone at Macworld. Reuters snippit
Apple-branded mobile phone with a touch-screen that combines features from the popular iPod music player.

Brightest Comet In Decades Now Visible 35

mlimber writes "Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1), the brightest comet in decades, is currently visible to the naked eye in the early evening and early morning sky for the northern hemisphere. The northern latitudes have the best view, but it can be seen even in the southern hemisphere during the day with the right equipment. Another image is available as NASA's astronomy picture of the day." Here is a graphic of the comet's evening location from 40 degrees north latitude.

Submission + - The National Software Reference Library

An anonymous reader writes: Few people are aware that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) maintains a huge database of software file signatures and file profiles. They collect original media for off-the-shelf software and process the files to obtain digital signatures that uniquely identify them. The information is stored in a database matching files to SHA-1 and MD5 signature hashes. This database is used by law enforcement agencies around the world to address the problem of sifting through files during forensic computer searches. By tapping the database agents can exclude known files from consideration and only focus on user created files. The database also allows the identification of files being traded on P2P networks. As of September 2006 the database contains 11,514,592 unique SHA-1 and MD5 signatures and is growing at the rate of betweekn 250K and 1M new unique signatures per quarter. And the best news of all is that the database is freely available as a set of CD images downloadable from the National Software Reference Library web site.

Submission + - Secretive Blue Origin Launches New Website

BoboB-69 writes: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' other company, the highly secretive Blue Origin, has launched a new website. Blue Origin is focused on, "patiently and step-by-step, to lower the cost of spaceflight so that many people can afford to go and so that we humans can better continue exploring the solar system. Accomplishing this mission will take a long time, and we're working on it methodically."

They have a nice video and lots of pics of a vertical launch and land vehicle which was launched on November 13th, with commentary from Jeff Bezos.


Journal Journal: Komodo dragons are holy reptiles?

On December 25th there will probably be a virgin birth. No, not that fantasy tale but a real, live, honest-to-goodness virgin birth! It seems that the world's largest lizard (and technically a living dinosaur) can have virgin births!

Just another reason I want to give one of those wonderful creatures a big hug.

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