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Comment Re:DACA isn't a law or even an executive order (Score 1) 817

Wait a second. You mean an opposing political party actually opposed the political party in power?

Well spin up the presses because that's news!!

That's how things are supposed to work. Just because one party wants to give American citizenship to 20 million non-citizens in exchange for votes doesn't mean that the other party has to go along.

Comment Re:DACA isn't a law or even an executive order (Score 1) 817

You're 100% wrong. The Federal govt now isn't what the Founding Fathers wanted. They wanted limited Fed powers. Severely limited. They even specifically wrote that into the Constitution. They wanted the States to be different. They wanted people to vote with their feet. They wanted few Federal laws. They set things up specifically so only a very few laws would pass. They did not want sessions of Congress where reams and reams of laws would be passed and signed by the Pres.

Comment Re:DACA isn't a law or even an executive order (Score 1) 817

The problem boils down to intense partisanship, and both parties' bases being so sold on the notion of some sort of all out political war between the two parties that they cannot tolerate the notion of reaching across the aisle

That's the way it's supposed to work.

Comment Re:DACA isn't a law or even an executive order (Score 1) 817

I'm no fan of DACA but the Republicans brought it on themselves by fighting every single thing Obama did regardless of whether they personally agreed with it or not. .

I understand your point, but that's not really what happened. Don't forget that Obama and the Democrats could have passes a law outlawing Republicans if they wanted to do so. Obama and the Democrats in Congress had two years to pass anything they wanted to pass. They could have passed any immigration laws they wanted.

Ironically, and this is easily verified, the Dems could have gotten almost everything they wanted in Immigration Reform with President Bush. Bush wanted to reform Immigration. Know who stood in his way? Pelosi. As referenced by your first sentence, Pelosi stated publicly, in print no less, in a Time magazine article that she instructed every Democrat in the House to oppose everything President Bush supports. The Democrats didn't want to solve the issue. They would rather have the issue as a political club.

Comment DACA isn't a law or even an executive order (Score 2, Insightful) 817

Obama simply said "We're not going to prosecute these people." That's a huge Constitutional overreach.
If Obama & the Democrats wanted to make this permanent, they would have made it a law. But Obama & Democrats didn't care enough to make it a law. Obama wanted the political win without having to expend political capital & the Democrats in Congress didn't want a public vote.

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