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Comment The one feature I would want would piss people off (Score 1) 127

I am absolutely horrible with names. Some sort of AR glasses which "stores" name+face data when people say "Hi I'm Jack Ass, Director of Marketing" and "This is my spoiled brat Chrissy riding her pony named 'Glue'" would be good. Then when I see them again, the names comes up, and the relationship info.

Now that I think of it, I think this technology was demonstrated in a Black Mirror episode. Probably not the best endorsement, but I did say it would piss people off...

Comment Re:Overstaying visas? (Score 1) 137

Seems plausible, but if true it exposes an even worse problem - how easy it is for someone to book and board a flight (let alone international) with documents belonging to someone else. If this is prevalent enough that an illegal immigrant can afford it, doesn't that make the no-fly list ineffective?

Even worse, a 2 for 1 - one of these passport offenders could give their documents and facilitate someone who is on the no-fly list.

Comment Re:Well what do you expect. (Score 2) 152

Instead of UBI it needs to be delivery of necessities. Free but boring clothes, tiny dorm room, cafeteria downstairs with food. Free wifi and cheap netbook (to look for jobs, or porn, or whatever). If they want nothing more in life, they are free to live it out like that forever. The important thing is to divorce necessities from money.
  Hell even after getting a job, people would be be free to stay there (after all, universal applies to everyone, from homeless dude on the street to Bill Gates). It would remove the work disincentive. In theory people will want more than three hots and a cot, and move out.

Comment Re:Was Bernie talking about Bitcoin? (Score 3, Insightful) 152

That's the inherent flaw of centrally planned economies, though. A small number of idiots can tank an entire country. In a capitalist country, a large number of competing idiots have to simultaneously ignore facts and reason, and all make the same move, in order to tank the country. Our closest recent example was the banking crisis, and even then, there were still winners - all the smaller banks that were like "lol wtf?" at the sub prime mortgages and stayed out of that game. As well as any individuals with precious metals stashed away. When things are traded at what they are worth, it's difficult to make wealth disappear. In this regard planned economies make David Copperfield jealous.

Comment Re:There is no housing shortgage (Score 1) 584

I don't want a house. I don't give two shits about lawns, want my sidewalk / driveway clear after it snows, my trash picked up, my water heater and central air always functioning, a non-leaking roof, and not have to even think about any of these things. I also want an office I can have my packages shipped to so I don't have to be present to sign or worry about it being stolen. I get all that with renting. I might be able to get that with condos, but annoyingly, affordable ones with those features in my area all seem to be age restricted 55+. The few unrestricted condos get snapped up quickly, and sell for high prices.

Comment Re:I decided to rent (Score 1) 584

I hope you don't mean South Jamaica. My friend who grew up there would joke that the reason there was so much street parking is teams of a dozen guys carrying parked cars down to the chop shop. And a rap lyric that went something like "I come from South Jamaica Queens, where they beat you up and take your jeans. Most these kids put a toaster in your ribs!"

Fun things to think about while waiting for the Q112...

On the other hand, they are (finally) building some tall non-luxury apartments within walking distance of Jamaica LIRR station. *That* is an area that is long overdue for redevelopment. Considering how much LIRR and subway service goes there, Jamaica should be NYC's equivalent of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Comment Re:Many veterans end up homeless (Score 1) 422

You're using it right (colloquially), it just gets the attention of pedants every so often. "There were a couple people on the bus" doesn't mean two making out, it just means it was a small number greater than one (since it is being used as an adjective). "I have a couple bucks on me" does not mean specifically two dollars, etc. In everyday speech it is a synonym of "few".

--Disclaimer: this is how we use it in Northeast US. While other regions might do things differently, ours has more people than theirs and is therefore more correct (tongue in cheek).

Comment Re:Would a rewrite in Rust help? (Score 1) 200

Planes can land just fine without power. There's about 5-6 miles of vertical height they can use to glide to safety. If the power loss was due to fuel issues or engine failure, power can be partially restored by deploying the APU (which essentially uses the energy contained in that 5 miles of height they still have) in order to use fancier electronics to help land.

Even the landing gear is designed to lock into place via gravity alone.

Comment Re:Paying a toll in person... (Score 1) 546

That is what my original comment regarding reciprocal agreements was getting at. Some states that don't have tolls (I think Vermont is one) do not enter into those agreements, so residents from those states get essentially free use of pay by plate infrastructure. The rest of us, in theory, will get a bill in the mail. For example the Internets are full of people in NY and other states reporting the outrageous bills for Ontario 407 - they are privatised and the most expensive per mile toll road in North America, so it is always in their financial interest to collect on everyone.

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