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Comment Re:So they basically confirmed the study was corre (Score 1) 528

The charging for bags thing used to bother me until I realized what it actually was - a tax on the poor enacted by liberals. To me, a nickel a bag is as meaningless as the nickel deposit for bottles and cans - I make an effort to bring them back but no big deal if I can't. To someone who has to go without bread every week they need to buy a new pack of lightbulbs or whathaveyou, that nickel does have meaning. Those reusable cloth bags also have to be washed in order to keep bacteria and mold out of them (think of the stuff on the bottom of milk and other dairy containers, or the juices that leak out of meat packaging, or fruit/veggie bits that fall off). To me who has a washing machine in the other room, that's not a big deal. The person who has to lug their laundry out to a laundromat and pay every time, is not going to waste space in the machine on them. This makes the less fortunate less healthy. But the important thing is less plastic in landfills! Screw the poor!

Comment Re:So they basically confirmed the study was corre (Score 1) 528

The first time I used a grocery store in Ontario, it was nearly deserted. After checkout, the cashier and I both stared at my pile of groceries. I then realized I was expected to bag them myself. From that point on, when I find myself in Ontario I will only shop where there is a self checkout. Whoever is scanning the items is in the best position to bag them, cashiers who don't bag are completely unnecessary. Anything they would do, the one person watching 4 self checkouts can do just as well. Whatever union won that concession, won the battle but lost the war.

Comment Re:Being the oracle. (Score 1) 243

With Trek there typically isn't continuous focus on any romantic relationships; they would either involve a recurring guest, or the characters would be separated frequently enough by circumstance to allow other stories to be told. Hoping this one keeps that trend.

Comment Re:Eliminate cashiers (Score 1) 311

The only scenario I hate and will avoid is ones where you buy the groceries from the cashier and have to bag them yourself. With a self checkout you take it out of your cart/basket, scan, and put in the bag in one fluid motion. With a "full service" checkout you only need to put the goods on the conveyor. However, in places where cashiers do not bag, you have the worst of both worlds: you both have to take things out of your cart, and then pick them up a second time to put them in bags. The cashier actually gets in the way of the process.

Comment Re:Pricey?!?! (Score 1) 311

Depending on the groceries (and exchange rate) it might be cheaper to buy them in Canada. I live close enough to drive there for a day trip, and will take a quick walk through the aisles to see if there's anything cheaper before headed back home. The grocery shopping is not the intention of the trip, but with IGA next to the hotel, it's not out of the way...

Comment Re:Unlocked BLU user here. Ban CDMA. (Score 1) 94

66 million is a lot higher than I would have expected, ~20%. It seems like they might be double counting, though - i.e I went to Canada, and Asia. Since all of their sub totals add up to less than the 66 million (I am guessing the missing numbers are for Oceana), and I can't possibly be the only person to visit two regions, I can only conclude they mean 66 million trips out of the country rather than 66 million distinct Americans.

Comment Re:Timeline of Treason (Score 1) 455

And given how everyone who believes this election conspiracy is also calling Trump a buffoon,

Mass-deception conspiracy is hard, and the cracks around the edges usually become evident before long (without the use of tinfoil).

Do people seriously think he has the competence and discipline to pull something on this scale off without solid evidence having come out by now? If he were truly aware of election meddling he'd have tweeted "grabbed Hill by the pussay, thx Vlad!" on Nov 9th. He cannot keep his mouth shut. And if he is not aware of election meddling, then this circus is pointless and the most substantial outcome will be nameless bureaucrats getting token jail sentences.

Comment Re:PII, PHI, Trade secrets etc... (Score 1) 284

Entering a country outside your home country they are free to do whatever they want with you, regardless of your employee agreement. However, when returning home, if they ask for such things you might actually be able to refuse.

Really though the best solution is some form of remote desktop (or Vmware VDI, or Citrix, or whathaveyou) and make whatever you bring overseas is nothing more than a thin client like a chromebook.

Comment Re:Biased (Score 1) 171

Yes, I agree that inevitably it is the problem. Moses' (and other Urban Planners of the time) big mistake w/high rises was ironically too much faith in humanity - that given a nice place to live, they'd keep it that way. Unfortunately, it only takes ~20% of the residents to (sometimes literally) piss all over it and a nice new building becomes a shithole. My current apartment building is in a right-leaning town. Over half the residents are foreign college students on student visas, or professionals on H1B visas. Every year a new batch comes not knowing any better, and smoke in the stairwells, spit everywhere, and leave cigarette butts in the atrium. Fortunately the rent laws are landlord-biased here and the worst of them are typically evicted in short order. The ones who survive past October make great neighbors!

The projects typically have laws keeping landlords from kicking out the bad apples, and it only takes a few to spoil the barrel. And then people wonder why 1 acre plots in HOA managed suburbs are more popular than high density urban housing...

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