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Journal Journal: Holy government lie Batgirl! 2

Hi all! You Batman fans probably already know that 2/3 of the cast did a Public Service Announcement in 1973 for the US government. It was an equal pay for equal work piece. One thing that makes it so funny, besides being funny anyway, is Batgirl's complaint about not getting paid as much as Robin. in the series, Yvonne Craig made over 3X per episode what Burt Ward made! See the links in the video description on YouTube for more detai

Comment Re:Still Bad Patents (Score 5, Interesting) 162

At least this makes an attempt to do away with the non-practicing entities that patent things only to sue.

I'm sure it will still be ineffective, or just not pass both houses of Congress.

What about getting the patent office to do their job to begin with? Washington keeps asking for, and getting all this power, then they never get around to doing anything with that power they said they needed.


Submission + - Magician suing for copyright over magic trick ( 1

Fluffeh writes: "Teller, the silent half of the well-known magic duo Penn and Teller, has sued a rival magician for copying one of his most famous illusions. The case promises to test the boundaries of copyright law as it applies to magic tricks. A Dutch magician with the stage name Gerard Bakardy (real name: Gerard Dogge) saw Teller perform the trick in Las Vegas and developed his own version — then started selling a kit — including a fake rose, instructions, and a DVD — for about $3,000. Teller had Bakardy's video removed with a DMCA takedown notice, then called Bakardy to demand that the magician stop using his routine. Teller offered to buy Bakardy out, but they were unable to agree on a price. So Teller sued Bakardy last week in a Nevada federal court."

Submission + - Seinfeld Connection to Secret Service Prostitute Affair (

Suki I writes: "From the biggest Seinfeld nut that I know (full disclosure: I *like* Seinfeld): New video from the Secret Service prostitution affair. "Exclusive HD Video: Colombian Prostitute In US Secret Service Scandal EXPOSED! for Android" Includes Patty shouting "Now I wan't my money mister and I ain't leavin' 'till I get it!""

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