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Comment Re:Great stuff (Score 2, Informative) 117

ABS will stop you faster slamming on the brakes on a dry surface than trying to keep from skidding without it; if the tires are skidding, they have almost zero traction, as was demonstrated in a driving course in the USAF. ABS will stop a car faster than the same car without it in any conditions. The added benefit is you can still steer with the brakes slammed on.

This is wrong. What ABS does is allow you to control the direction of your car when your tires would otherwise lose traction. In fact, the stopping distance with ABS is actually longer than without.

Comment Re:!Hackers (Score 1) 203

Dudes, this is Slashdot. Can't you just for once use a term which *doesn't* have a positive second meaning to a majority of your readers? Try one of these:

  • ... warning that crackers are actively exploiting the vulnerability in-the-wild ...

You know, it's awfully telling that a box of saltines can exploit an Adobe vulnerability.

Comment Re:Particularly relevant (Score 1) 1123

First off, not all churches are bad. Don't make that assumption.

1. he didn't pass a collection plate

How do you know? After all, he was human at the time, and needed food to eat and clothes on his back.

Besides, tithing is crucial to the church community, and it is found several times in scripture. See Gen 28:20-22 and Deuteronomy 14:22-29 for example. (for reference, Levite == priest.)

In a good church, that offering goes on to fund the facilities required to maintain the church, any missionaries adopted by the church, and the community surrounding the church. Certainly, it also pays the salaries of the pastor and church workers, but unlike Congress, we the members of the church get to vote on whether the church workers get raises. ;-)

2. he wasn't passing the collected money up to a king in a city-state with a trillion dollar endowment


4. he was Jesus, not a pedophile hypocrite in a uniform

Oh, this must be about Catholicism. But even in Catholicism, not all churches are bad.

3. he wasn't promoting a political viewpoint while he had everyone's attention

This word "political". I do not think it means what you think it means. The Law of God is policy. Christianity, in many ways, is itself a political viewpoint.

5. it was about his ideas, not his haircut, the size of his stadium, the height of his stained-glass windows, or how well he fit the audience's idea of a "good christian"

I've never been to a church that preaches about these things... At least not without a tongue planted firmly in cheek. I imagine if I had ever visited one such congregation, I wouldn't stay very long.

6. he didn't have to talk around the absurd surrealities in the bible

This seems to be an attack on scripture itself, rather than the concept of a church, so this isn't all that relevant to my question.

Comment Re:Point of no return markings (Score 1) 976

This is actually a useful idea. I can't count the number of times I've had to second guess myself as I approached a green light that turned yellow. But, someone else here wrote that he found great use of the Pedestrian Don't Walk count-down timer. I think it would be a better idea to display a "count-down to red" timer at each green/yellow light.

Comment Re:The problem I've had (Score 1) 209

Is that AMD chipsets have been buggy in my experience. Well, for the most part it seems like there haven't been actual chipsets made by AMD, they've always been third party like nVidia, VIA or ATi.

I just want to point out that ATI is wholly owned by AMD and is therefore not a third party.

Comment Re:The human eye can dectect 30 (Score 1) 521

"Evolutionary designed" = it was "designed" via evolution. This does not have to be a reference to religion.

But to further the nitpick, he could have just said "evolved" and saved six syllables (seven if he had used the slightly more correct "evolutionarily designed", or four if he had said "evolution-designed", etc...).

Comment Re:I wonder if many install Windows themselves (Score 1) 389

I'm also a Linux user, but I can give you some advice in this regard. To avoid Service Pack woes (and also driver woes if you have a specific system in mind), you can create a slipstream disc that has the SPs and drivers on it.

If you create the slipstream disc once, and reinstall Windows more than once, you've already saved yourself some time.

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