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Comment Re:Watchmen parallel (Score 1) 93

Although remaking 'classics' into a video game sounds like a great idea, the inherit problems already mentioned don't use the medium of video games to their full potential.

What I would like to see in a video game is the depth that is in the 'classics', using the medium of video games to its full potential. I think of "Watchmen" when I think of this. No one really took comic books seriously until Alan Moore created, quite well, a real 'classic' using the medium of comic books. It was in Time's top 100 novels of all time. (Source) Sure, a video game won't make that list because of the inherit differences, but I would like to see a game that is deep as "Watchmen", or "Invisible Man."

Comment Forks (Score 3, Funny) 39

Didn't you all hear about the fork in the Christian Ubuntu? Apparently, one of the developers sent in 95 patches, but they were rejected. Now there's a Protestant Christian Ubuntu. The main difference is that the Protestant version has no icons. Source

Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 Beta 39

JimLynch writes "Back in 2006, when I was writing for ExtremeTech, I reviewed a version of Ubuntu with a religious theme: Ubuntu Christian Edition. At one point it seemed as though Ubuntu CE had been discontinued but I was pleased to note today that it has apparently been brought to life again and so I decided to do a full review Ubuntu CE 5.0 for DLR."

Submission + - Digital Bookstores (drcyberspace.com) 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "Barnes and Noble just revealed their new online digital bookstore with over 700,000 titles. Unlike Amazon's Kindle only policy, the digital books offered by Barnes and Noble will be readable on most popular handheld devices, including your iPhones and Blackberries."

Submission + - Oldest working British T.V. found

Smivs writes: "Britain's oldest working television has been uncovered in a house in London. The 1936 Marconiphone, thought to have been made in the months that Britain's first television service began, was tracked down after a competition. The set belongs to Jeffrey Borinsky, an electrical engineer and collector of antique television and radio sets.
He bought the set, which has a 12-inch (30cm) screen from another collector 10 years ago and is still working on restoring it to its original state. The screen is mounted inside a wooden cabinet. The image from the cathode ray tube, mounted vertically inside the cabinet, is reflected onto a mirror. The few controls include volume and vertical hold, but there is no channel changer, as there was only one channel when it was made: the BBC.
But the Marconiphone 702 still works as a modern television. It has been hooked up to a Freeview box so that it can show digital channels, although Mr Borinsky has had to install a standards converter so that a modern television signal can be seen."

Submission + - Webkit for Metacity/Mutter CSS Theming? (gnome.org)

An anonymous reader writes: As Metacity (the Gnome window manager) progresses into Mutter, the question of CSS themes and how to implement them has come up. One of the proposals was WebKit, which the author asked more specifically about on his blog. It seems that WebKit, being a very fast rendering engine, would allow Mutter to have unprecedented power, not to mention being nearly future-proofed. As a major bonus, going this way could allow Gnome to share themes with KDE, which is apparently headed the WebKit way already. Many people will reflexively recoil at the idea of a browser being mixed with a window manager, but it's important to remember that WebKit it not a web browser but a rendering engine, and it's not where all the security issues come from. So, what are the real technical issues at stake here? What are the pros and cons of using WebKit here?

Submission + - Google CEO to discuss his future as an Apple direc (appleinsider.com)

tsa writes: "AppleInsider tells us that Google chief executive Eric Schmidt's position at Apple's board of directors gets more and more precarious now that Andoid, Google Chrome, and Chrome OS are on, or coming to, the market. From the article: "Even before Google announced plans for the new Chrome OS based off its nine-month-old web browser, the Federal Trade Commission began looking into the whether the companies were in violation of the Section 8 provision of The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914, which forbids "interlocking directorates." In addition to Schmidt, Genentech chief executive Arthur Levinson also sits on the board of both companies.""
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook Retroactively taking back User Names

Matt Wilson writes: "It appears Facebook is retroactively taking back user names for celebrities, even if you have a legitimate reason for having the user name. My wife previously had www.facebook.com/Brigitte (her name *is* Brigitte Wilson) until she just received this e-mail: From: The Facebook Team Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:37:36 -0700 Subject: Removed Username To: brigittew21@gmail.com Hi, Your chosen username was on a list of terms that were meant to be blocked from registration, and it was only made available as the result of an error. We have no choice but to remove it from your account. We understand the inconvenience this creates, so we've added 500 credits to your account to express our gratitude for your understanding. These credits can be used in our Gift Shop (http://www.facebook.com/giftshop.php) to purchase virtual gifts. Thanks,"

Submission + - Can you build a PC that out Macs a Mac? (bit-tech.net)

mr_sifter writes: "Apple is winning; the iPhone is the sexiest gadget going, Apple's computers are gobbling market share like Pacman eats pills and Apple stores are filled with eager customers. PC manufacturers, meanwhile, had raced each other to the bottom to make the cheapest computers possible. In this feature, the writers of bit-tech decided to see if it's possible to beat the latest and greatest 24in iMac at its own game, and set themselves the challenge of beating it, hands down, on as many fronts as possible, for the same price or less. The aim was to build a PC that looked and performed better, and was quieter and more desirable, and all for less cash. To win, we couldn't build any old performance system; we needed to craft a beauty from hardware that directly competes with the iMac's strengths."

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