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Comment Re:Monopolies gonna monopolize. (Score 1) 294

No, which is why you maintain just the one that functions properly without javascript.

Like I said, for many reasonably complex applications that is basically 2 separate code bases.

In most cases, what I see JS being used for isn't even essential. It's to spy on users, display ads or for bullshit animations and menus.

I'll call that confirmation bias. You probably never notice when it's used for something that is convenient for you, you only notice when you don't like it.

Comment Re:Monopolies gonna monopolize. (Score 1) 294

That's a noble goal, but it's often just not practical. Take the map example. Is it really worth it to maintain what is essentially a completely separate code base in order to cater to the extreme minority of users who don't have Javascript enabled? For any reasonably complex application, you're basically now maintaining 2 separate applications.

Comment Re:Monopolies gonna monopolize. (Score 4, Informative) 294

But when it comes to JavaScript then it's a headache of its own, primarily on Microsoft browsers where those browsers have a tendency to do things differently.

But a site that depends on JavaScript is in general a pretty crappy site.

That's pretty old-fashioned thinking. Today Edge is fast and holds to standards pretty well, while all of the most used and useful sites use a lot of Javascript. I wouldn't call any map site a "pretty crappy site" just because you have to have Javascript turned on to pan and zoom the map. That's the core functionality of the thing, trying to do some crappy workaround with arrows on each edge of the map where you click an arrow and the entire page refreshes with the map moved that direction is a stupid way to avoid Javascript.

Comment Re:/.ers quotes' value proves my words (Score 1) 240

Not sure what the point of posting that set of quotes again is. You think I haven't seen that before? How many dozens of times have you posted that? You think that changes my opinion of you in any way? What's the fuckin' point, man? It's a fact that you lie your ass off, about anything and everything. Posting a bunch of non-sequitor quotes from other uses doesn't change that fact in any way. As far as the substance of those quotes, they read like "when I want to eat something that requires a spoon, I find that a spoon works well. It works exactly like a spoon." A bunch of glowing reviews for your text sorting program there, not that they have anything to do with anything we were talking about. Not that it matters though, this entire discussion, like everything else you touch, is fucking stupid.

Comment Re:You can't prove anything you say (Score 1) 240

Yet you can't prove anything you say

Of course I can, it's easily verifiable. Like I said, everything I've claimed about myself is true. Sorry that you don't want to accept that, sorry that you can't handle that anyone else's life isn't as shitty as yours.

Talk's cheap man... it boils down to THAT.

It is for you, yeah, because your word holds absolutely zero value. That's a self-inflicted wound though, I never made you lie your ass off. That's on you.

Comment Re:Users liking & using my ware != fantasy (Score 1) 240


Are you asking if any of our customers' users have Slashdot accounts? I wouldn't know, I don't think anyone has created "Slashdot Username" as one of their demographic fields, but I guess I could check. Why the hell is that even relevant? We've got around ~75 or so installations set up, the largest has around 350,000 users and there are a handful of small businesses which only have a few hundred or thousand users, most of the others are medium-size corporate, government, or military clients. We're around a million to million and a half users worldwide in total. I would imagine that several of them do have Slashdot accounts.

Does the likes of Malwarebytes both HOST & RECOMMEND IT as they do mine??

Why the fuck would they? Malwarebytes and my software do not have any overlap. There is no reason why that company in particular would recommend it, in fact I don't see any place on their website where they list software recommendations. I'm not involved in the marketing aspect of it, but if I search for the name of the application I see several articles written about it. The only review aggregate I see shows an average of 4 out of 5 stars. If I search for your application reviews I don't see any at all. That's ok though, don't feel bad about it, let's create a fantasy where everyone loves your absurdly basic piece of software and they respect you personally too. But speaking of hosting, we don't allow anyone else to host our software unless they're signing contracts, but I did notice something a little strange. Why doesn't your shit-hot application have its own website? It's not relevant enough to need its own website, huh?

I mean, are you setting these "standards" for me just based on things you think apply to you? OK, I can do that. APK, every single one of the 100+ government departments of the state of Arizona uses my software, how many AZ government departments use yours? Oooh, none of them do? Well fuckin' gee whiz, I guess that's proof that I'm better than you right?! APK logic right there.

Instead of calling me names HAVE SOME CLASS & be polite

And why exactly would I be polite to such a lying cunt? You don't deserve to be treated with respect, you have to earn it. You have no idea how to do that. Go back to the things you decided to try to claim about my wife and then tell me I should be polite to you, you lying racist idiot cunt.

You can claim whatever you want to, the only fact that matters with regard to you is that you lie All. The. Fucking. Time. You lie as if lying were the way to get people to respect you. You lie as if lying were the way to create a meaningful interpersonal relationship in your life. You lie because you lack the basic humanity to know how to deal with other people and interact in decent society. You lie because you're a piece of shit with no redeeming qualities, who is jealous of anyone and everyone who can manage to live a successful happy life where you've failed so spectacularly.

Sorry if I didn't respond to anything else you wrote, the bullshit that spills out onto your browser is starting to look like actual bullshit and I'm having problems reading more than a few words in.

Comment Re:Who lacks class? You do blowhard! apk (Score 1) 240

I can't even finish reading all this bullshit. I think I cracked your code though. All the random bold and capital letters is where your fantasies are strongest, and you're trying to convince you and others that it's real. I think that's why you do that. I can't even make it through that comment though, sorry, I've read the same bullshit from you over and over and over, there's just nothing new from you any more. Your comments are all "I know you are, but what am I?" where you accuse me of the things which I point out are true about you, interjected with random fantasy bullshit from you with no basis in reality.

Whatever, it's gotten really old. You're a lying cunt, you will always be a lying cunt, and that's about all there is. There is not really any point at all trying to have a discussion with a lying cunt who is incapable of basic logic. Like I've said before, it's like trying to play chess with a pigeon. There you go, shitting all over the board and strutting around like you've won. It's just stupid. It's like trying to watch someone with a physical disability go through an obstacle course. You kind of admire them for trying to do what everyone knows they can't do, but really it's just kind of boring to watch.

Comment Re:Free TV (Score 1) 231

I think that way of thinking is on the way out. There is going to come a time, and that time is relatively soon, when the way that content gets consumed is irrelevant, where content is not going to be directly tied to a specific distribution medium. The NFL is stuck in an old business model, and it shows. They can either fight it tooth and nail and try to sell ESPN the rights for one game a week at ridiculous prices, but if that's a game I really want to watch I'm not going to purchase some giant TV package that includes ESPN just so I can watch that game. I'm going to find another way to watch it. If the NFL wants my money then they'll figure out how to distribute their content in the way that I, and a lot of other people, want to watch it. It's just that simple. Of course they don't have to, but if they don't they just aren't going to get my money for it. And if there's one thing the NFL loves, it's money.

Comment Re:Bullshit: You lack proof of your words (Score 1) 240

P.S.=> ... & you do have to "Run, Forrest: RUN!!!" w/ YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS as you EAT YOUR WORDS vs. me here too (lol) [] - you're DYING of MALNUTRITION amicusNYCL (but then, cartoon character FAKE NAMES for obviously FAKE LIVES (see above, lol) don't have to eat & YET YOU DO hahahaha (eating your words)) - EATING YOUR WORDS != GOOD nutrition BOY, RoTfLmAo @ U... apk

It's really impossible for me to express the specific thing I feel when I read your fantasy fan-fic like that. It's a strange mix of emotions. There's some mild amusement, but also a certain amount of disgust, and obviously pity. It's a weird mix. It feels like two people looking at the same thing but one of the people is on a very high dose of hallucinogens and you realize that, while you're looking at the same thing, you're really not experiencing the same thing at all.

Have a good night cunt.

Comment Re:Keep projecting & RUNNING "Forrest", lol... (Score 1) 240

Thanks for HELPING ME easily PROVE you're ALL "hotair blowhard bs"

You don't understand what proof means. Lack of proof is not proof of a lack. There's really no reason to try to teach logical fallacies to you though, you wouldn't understand. My consistent response to your demands for proof, and your continued demands, show that you are incapable of understanding basic logic.

Keep being so "classy" tossing those names

OK. APK, you're a pathetic emotionally-retarded socially-inept no-class willfully-ignorant integrity-lacking lying spamming racist cunt. And, I want you to know something else. I really mean that. From the heart, big guy.

Enjoy your fantasy day, I have shit to do.

Comment Re:Additionally this will be good for a laugh (Score 1) 240

PROVE everything you say about yourself

It's amazing, truly. You're like a low-functioning Down syndrome puppy. All of the emotional maturity and attention span of a puppy, combined with the logic and reasoning skills of a low-functioning Down patient. It's almost adorable that you're still asking about stuff like that, as if all of my responses to that request have either never happened or just gone right over your head. It would be adorable if it wasn't so pathetic, anyway. I'm sure in your fantasy world I've just avoided that request instead of constantly giving the same answer, or you've some how "caught" me, or "won" something. Even though it's pathetic to see the insanity-level repetition that goes on in your head, I admit that it is amusing from time to time.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

Comment Re:No, but I do have that ability... apk (Score 1) 240

in you projecting all of YOUR FAULTS onto me

I knew that if I brought up something like projection you would immediately accuse me of it. It's the Donald Trump school of debate. Your Pavlovian response has become far too easy to anticipate.

It's always a pleasure to make you EAT YOUR WORDS

How would you know, fantasy boy, I've literally never felt like I've ever lost any argument to you? It's just your fantasy world man. I'm glad that you've managed to at least obtain some measure of respect, even if it's a complete lie and fabrication you tell yourself. Just imagine how good life would be if you didn't have to pretend that people liked and respected you.

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