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Comment Re:Firefox can't keep up with this pace. (Score 2) 79

Firefox 57 actually is fast in real use scenarios, not just on a pointless benchmark. Not sure how you don't notice, the change is incredibly glaringly obvious to me. The older versions had horrible problems freezing up the entire UI while content was being downloaded or waiting for the server. As far as the broken extensions, many extension developers will be launching versions compatible with 57 when the browser is finally released.

Comment Re:It's not for new tech, it's for the rocket club (Score 1) 142

I am talking about LFTR and other associated reactors which compliment it. LFTR solves the main problems with nuclear power, meltdowns (passive safety), cooling failures and inefficiencies, proliferation risks, fuel costs and proprietary supply, waste type and volume, and burning old "waste" fuel which is mostly useful fuel and not waste at all. Here's the original presentation on LFTR by NASA engineer Kirk Sorensen:

Comment Microsoft Android? (Score 1) 304

Microsoft failed in not supporting Android apps from the Start. Now they will stop being stubborn and realize that like their PC predecessors of old - you need to support existing software. They will also realize that their built in apps were complete garbage and needed to be better than the competition instead of simply providing base functions.

Comment It's not for new tech, it's for the rocket club. (Score 1) 142

Using old rocket tech will not result in new technology filtering down through industry like it did before. After 60 years we already have just about all the secondary tech we are going to get out of rocket based spaceflight initiatives. Now is the time for physics research on non-relativistic propulsion and next gen nuclear reactors for self sustaining permanent outposts. I will not advocate banging our heads against the rocket wall for the sake of being able to say that we clawed our way to Mars and achieved nothing else in the process. We are not yet capable of manned exploration for the sake of exploration itself, and that's what needs to change. Stop pretending rockets are acceptable to a space faring race, they are inefficient, massive, unsafe, unreliable, and primitive. DEAL WITH IT.

Comment A Guide to Comcast Business Success (Score 2) 144

1) Provide the minimum possible infrastructure and quality of service to save money 2) Beg the government for free money leading to more money 3) Use saved money to buy out competition 4) Use saved money to buy out content providers to save more money on licensing 5) Use saved money to buy out more competition and content 6) Agree with other providers not to compete with them 7) Use saved money to buy out more competition 8) Use saved money to buy out nearly all competition 9) Conglaturations, YOU ARE WINNER!

Comment This doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 78

Any alien that is still capable of listening on primitive radio would be too far away to receive the transmission, if it's even noticed to begin with. Aliens capable of responding to us would be using a means of communication that uses quantum entanglement, probably using quantum computer components. Also, even if they wanted to respond over radio it would probably be very illegal for them to do so, I mean look at humanity...

Comment Imagine. (Score 1) 45

What if PC makers threw off the obsession with thin and fragile and made laptops as thick as old laptops with a nice big honking battery? You could set off on a trip and not need to recharge until you reach your destination. You could game for an entire flight. You could forget about hauling around external battery packs. You could stop worrying that the razor thin plastic is going to crack open. Nah, thin and light, gotta be trendy.

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