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Comment A Guide to Comcast Business Success (Score 2) 144

1) Provide the minimum possible infrastructure and quality of service to save money 2) Beg the government for free money leading to more money 3) Use saved money to buy out competition 4) Use saved money to buy out content providers to save more money on licensing 5) Use saved money to buy out more competition and content 6) Agree with other providers not to compete with them 7) Use saved money to buy out more competition 8) Use saved money to buy out nearly all competition 9) Conglaturations, YOU ARE WINNER!

Comment This doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 78

Any alien that is still capable of listening on primitive radio would be too far away to receive the transmission, if it's even noticed to begin with. Aliens capable of responding to us would be using a means of communication that uses quantum entanglement, probably using quantum computer components. Also, even if they wanted to respond over radio it would probably be very illegal for them to do so, I mean look at humanity...

Comment Imagine. (Score 1) 45

What if PC makers threw off the obsession with thin and fragile and made laptops as thick as old laptops with a nice big honking battery? You could set off on a trip and not need to recharge until you reach your destination. You could game for an entire flight. You could forget about hauling around external battery packs. You could stop worrying that the razor thin plastic is going to crack open. Nah, thin and light, gotta be trendy.

Comment No. Rockets suck. (Score 1) 291

Stop trying to shoehorn rockets as something that is viable to a space faring civilization. In 2017 NASA should be less of a rocket club and more of a physics research organization enabling non-relativistic propulsion and small LFTR reactors. NASA is stagnantly obsessed with an old methodology and mindset of what space technology is.

Comment Re:Not if we continue global renewables expansion (Score 1, Insightful) 394

Manufacturing is extremely energy intensive, it's where most of the end cost often resides. Renewables will not even put a dent in the armor of that massive energy demand, and price is obscene. The solution is next generation nuclear, it's the only clean source of power that can meet demand and do it safely. China is already working on it but regulatory bodies in the US are obstructing progress and refusing to do their job.

Comment Manufacturing change? (Score 1) 394

What if we banned manufacturing in nations like China where pollution is almost totally uncontrolled? Instead we would require manufacturing to take place in first world nations where emissions can be reliably managed. Our corporations obviously see developing nations as a mere resource to be exploited without regard.

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