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Comment Re:VR again? (Score 1, Interesting) 202

Facebook has no idea what they are getting into. VR has been around before and it will be a has been again. It’s still uncomfortable for long periods, motion sensing is still laggy, and its still got a terrible display compared to conventional displays. These are all technologies that are complicated disciplines in and of themselves, a startup will not master all 3 and Facebook will not either.

Comment Re:Religious ignorance. (Score 2) 529

Religion is powerful enough to compel mass murder, oppression, and dismissal of damning facts against your actions. Religion fights against an individual's conscience and potential for depression. In that respect, religion is good for the brain like Hitler was good for Germany. The good news is that the majority of the world fails to follow religion as their religious books tells them to. The bad news is the same as the good news.

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