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Comment Re:Steal all the biometric files (Score 1) 201

To be fair, according to Apple, the probability that someone's else fingerprint fits yours is 1 / 10000, based on current software / technology Apple is using ; that's far from being unique. Besides, I do agree on your concern - and fingerprint is not even the worse biometric data (since it requires contact).

Comment Re:The Mac Is Dead (Score 1) 180

Under Tim Cook it is doing nothing, and he could easily be replaced by a block of wood and you would see no impact on the company. Just what is he being paid for?

How can you be so decisive about Apple management? Even if I think Apple would do better with Jobs (for a number of reasons including an important one: staff dedication), Cook is in charge of more than 100 thousand people worldwide and the company did not fall apart, so far. Initially, he couldn't take the risk to largely innovate and (if that didn't work) being accused of breaking Jobs' work. Now the time has come to change and innovate, and that should come from someone else. After Jobs' death, Cook took over to ensure a smooth transition., and, business wise, he did a fair job. Cook will be replaced within a year or two ; that's just how it has to be.

Comment That's interesting? (Score 2) 90

That's interesting because, at first glance, the http(s) traffic has nothing to do with the user's computer OS, would it be a Mac or Windows. On average, Windows users tend to visit less secure websites than Mac users. OTOH, people usually don't really choose a website based on if it's https or not - except if it's for a payment, login, or subscription. Or would Windows users be a bit less security sensitive than Mac users, when it comes to performing these private transactions?

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 42

SoftBank (and 2 other big carriers) hold (almost) a mobile phone monopoly in Japan where a smartphone subscription costs ~$60 monthly and that's not even including local phone calls (35 cents / minute). Softbank had a very aggressive marketing from the start, offering appealing solutions which eventually happen to be costly and/or on contracts that are difficult to terminate (a month window to close the contract or you're in for another 2 years). They were even criticized for deceptive ads a few years ago.

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