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Submission + - SPAM: Prince of Persia and the dungeons of doubt

notthegeneral writes: A story for the ambitious but exhausted among us. How Jordan Mechner overcame self-doubt and other difficulties to write the original Prince of Persia. From the article (quoting his journal): "You’ve dug your way deep into an active gold mine and are holding off from digging the last two feet because you’re too dumb to appreciate what you’ve got and too lazy to finish what you’ve started."
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Submission + - Macron Message to US Climate Scientists ( 1

Thelasko writes: French President elect Emmanuel Macron has a message to US scientists and engineers working on climate change. "Please, come to France. You are welcome. It's your nation. We like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy renewables and new technologies. France is your nation."

Comment Re:Whole New Vistas for Zeno's Paradoxes (Score 1) 326

This is where the contradiction lies. Programming logic is based on sequentiality. Meaning operation A must be done before operation B, since B depends upon A. If the computer is "infinitely fast", any operation is instant, there is no order. Maybe saying "the program execution can be started any time in the past in order to get the result now" would make more "sense" (quantum computers are supposed to be able to do that..).

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