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Comment That's interesting? (Score 2) 90

That's interesting because, at first glance, the http(s) traffic has nothing to do with the user's computer OS, would it be a Mac or Windows. On average, Windows users tend to visit less secure websites than Mac users. OTOH, people usually don't really choose a website based on if it's https or not - except if it's for a payment, login, or subscription. Or would Windows users be a bit less security sensitive than Mac users, when it comes to performing these private transactions?

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 40

SoftBank (and 2 other big carriers) hold (almost) a mobile phone monopoly in Japan where a smartphone subscription costs ~$60 monthly and that's not even including local phone calls (35 cents / minute). Softbank had a very aggressive marketing from the start, offering appealing solutions which eventually happen to be costly and/or on contracts that are difficult to terminate (a month window to close the contract or you're in for another 2 years). They were even criticized for deceptive ads a few years ago.

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