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Comment Re:Baby out with the bathwater (Score 1) 233

Ubuntu case is different. 16.04 is LTS and is supposed to be supported until 2021. In reality, when something is fixed in the latest version (17.10) that could be fixed in 16.04 as well, that's not always the case. And today these patches prove that even security fixes are botched on an older 16.04 version.

Comment Re:what an incredible waste of taxpayer money (Score 1) 169

The problem is that Apple made no announcement about that "feature" before it's been revealed by a website. At least two persons I know went to upgrade their iPhone 6 because it got slower, while the battery was still decently usable (you know, after the new models are released and you wonder "should I upgrade?").

If it's such an amazing feature why didn't Apple notify users about it? Why didn't Apple say when iOS 11 was released "look, your device might get slower, but you could replace the battery to fix this".

Not sure if a Senator has to get involved in that story ; but it really looks like Apple did all this intentionally to encourage people to upgrade and buy a new model.

Comment Re:Can We Replace Intel x86 With an Open Source Ch (Score 1) 359

And even if we had an open source CPU, the fix wouldn't be any faster: the "bug" (actually design issue) that has been existing for 20 years, is based on having as much speed as possible, while keeping data safe (data is not "retired" if it's not supposed to be seen by the user). And that work(ed) well. These new attacks based on the time taken by the CPU to load some data into the cache, or not if it's there already, are subtle, really clever, and the fix at the CPU level requires a lot of deep changes.

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