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Comment What do YOU want? (Score 2) 193

On Netflix (streaming), almost each time we want to watch something specific it's not there . So we settle for something else. It's like going to a pizza, but they don't use cheese. Netflix series are good? A few are. Most of them rely on conventional recipes, and after a few episodes, boring ahead. The bad in this is that Netflix teaches people how to view something they don't really want to watch. Like going to a bakery where you don't like much the bread, but that's the only bakery around, so you buy that bread and get used to it. Do you really want that? What will that become within 5 years? I'd favor streaming where you get exactly what you want to watch, even if the price is per show.

Comment + and - (Score 2) 660

Cash Drawbacks
- No payment trace
- Might be stolen (without any insurance)
- Heavier (than a card), usually
- Might carry some previous owner's diseases

Cash Advantages
- No payment trace
- Might be easily donated/given
- Heavier (than a card), usually - you know where it is
- Might carry some previous owner's fragrance

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