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Comment Love It! (Score 1) 76

I would buy a pair in an instant. Most of what I do on my phone is read things, so what better than having it in front of your eyes? Also, completely private personal movie viewing. Four people could with in a room and watch four different movies without any external devices if they wanted.

Comment The Age of Immortals (Score 1) 244

Given your predictions for transformation of humans into enhanced beings and eventually a transhumanist society do you feel there is an age in mind where if you are at or below said age death will be avoidable? If so, are we at that point and will twenty, thirty, or forty year olds today be able to cheat death in increments long enough to sustain them to immortality ?

Comment Re:T-mobile (Score 1) 246

While that is one plan, they also Have A $15 a month for unlimited texting plus 10 cents a minute for voice. They also have a slightly less flexible plan that has not monthly charge. It's like 10 cents to send a text, 5 cents to receive, and a dollar a day plus 10 cents a minute when you use voice; voice calls after 7 do not incur the 10 cents/minute charge.

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