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Comment Was Halloween 3 weeks ago? (Score 1) 202

Because that's when this story first made the rounds. It was first mentioned on 8 October in the highly-regarded AVS Forums

So tired of getting stale "news" here lately. If /. went dark tomorrow I think I'd miss it less than I'm going to miss Panny plasmas.

Comment Really good stuff (Score 1) 283

Not to denigrate any of the other projects going on, but I thought this was brilliant. Maybe you have to be as old as I am to appreciate it. I was a little kid when TOS first aired and it will forever be my favorite Star Trek series. These guys did a marvelous job of lighting, sound, cliches (Kirk with his shirt off, anyone?) sets, dialogue, story, beats and pauses between scenes (for the "commercials"). I can't complain about the acting. Their casting choices were probably very much dictated by happenstance, enthusiasm and luck of the draw.

I think Gene Roddenberry would have approved.

Comment Does a regular schedule help a series? (Score 1) 215

B5 went through a shaky period with its off-again on-again fifth season due to a change of networks. What I'm asking about, however, is the trend of popular cable programs to adopt irregular and seemingly bizzare scheduling practices. Every few months it seemed like The Sopranos was taking another year off. Later, Battlestar Galactica was just as bad, leaving fans to wonder when they'd ever get to see a new episode again or even what season they were watching.

Do you think that kind of scheduling can hurt a program? I know more than a few people who swore off both of those shows after they started to mess around with the scheduling. I stuck with them, but was tempted to jump ship myself on numerous occasions. It's an extremely aggravating practice that, to me, tells the audience that they don't matter. Do you have any thoughts on the need, or lack thereof, for a consistent and predictable schedule?

Comment Re:Batch (Score 2) 318

This post is full of fail. From the part about C compilers to the part about "no protected memory" to the part about IBM never supporting "anything else on their iron".

Occasionally an AC will post something worthy of modding up to +5. This ain't one of them, folks.

Comment Re:Secure Boot won't catch on (Score 2) 521

Also not cracked: DTCP which, for a good number of years, protected (and still does) the Firewire output of cable set top boxes. Firewire is falling out of favor fast, but DTCP still hasn't been cracked, and I'm pretty sure that goes for newer non-firewire implementations such as DTCP-IP.

And don't forget HDCP which protects HDMI connections between A/V devices. The master key was leaked, not cracked. There's a huge difference there.

Comment Ironic (Score 1) 94

Microsoft is calling others out on inflated numbers? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In 2009 people viewed BSA's $53 Billion Lost to Piracy claim with a healthy dose of skepticism. So which companies are in BSA? Oh look! Microsoft, Symantec and McAffee (among others).

Maybe McAfee, which TFA credits with the Trillion Dollar figure, is just applying what they've learned from their dealings with Microsoft and BSA.

Comment Searching for life on Mars is a mistake (Score 1) 114

Evidence of life on Mars is the kind of thing you find by accident. Serendipity. It's the kind of thing you find when you least expect it.

These missions should be about finding gold, or oil. Yeah, yeah.... I know, I'm not stupid. But most people are and support for these programs among the taxpayer citizens would increase dramatically.

Then maybe we'd really have a chance of finding something cool up there.

Comment Re:The problem is Ballmer (Score 1) 407

I also enjoyed that article tremendously. I wouldn't say Microsoft's rise and possible fall exactly parallel what happened at Westinghouse, but there are similarities.

It was truly an excellent article. After I read it I crawled wikipedia for a while and learned a few other unrelated things I never knew.

I have no mod points today, but that's OK because if I did I'd be raging right now at the lack of a "+5 Offtopic" rating.

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