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Comment Re:Is there any evidence that web ads work? (Score 1) 394

Ad companies will often run ads only in selected geographic regions or selected subgroups of consumers, and then collect data on any increases in sales in those targeted groups. If there's a sales increase then the ad agency will claim causation and proof that ads work.

Comment Why not take business expenses on your tax? (Score 1) 165

Since you are a 1099 you are able to deduct business related expenses from your tax return that you cannot otherwise take as a W-2. Eg, a computer at home, internet access, cell phone, professional memberships, publications, conferences, all to keep up with your profession. You might be able to deduct some car expenses but since you drive to the same location every day this is generally not allowed. Are you required to wear any specific clothes, like no jeans or shorts? If so then those can be expensed. Also the costs of some insurance can be expensed. And you don't need to be an LLC or have a fed tax ID. There's a long list of expenses, and I suspect your income is modest so the chance of an audit is very low.

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