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Comment Enough (Score 0) 827

I am sick of reading about how the "evil corporations" are just raping and pillaging us everyday. The people that spew this garbage everyday are the same ones that voted and still defend a man who can't even figure out whether he's for or against a single-payer health care system. How has the government helped us especially with the phone companies? After the AT&T breakup the government did allow them to merge back together did they not? Instead of figuring out ways to "subsidize" telcos (which just takes money out of the public's pockets from a different angle), why don't we try lowering the corporate tax which has proven to work before?

Comment Re:Free markets (Score 0) 252

Yea that is the exact situation in Coon Rapids where I live (aka the new ghetto thanks to the Metro Council). Comcast however has been good to me but I suspect that is because I am a Business Class customer and I get to skip most of the BS. Qwest has shitty speeds for their price and really can't compete with Comcast. Until Qwest rolls out FTTH their FTTN they won't see a dime from me.

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