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Submission + - How do I insure a consumer RAID array lasts a long time? 4

olddoc writes: I am a home user and I back up all my digital pictures, home movies and several computer install images. This requires a few terabytes.
I look for 5 year warranty HDDs but I wonder if I should use motherboard chipset RAID, Windows software RAID, a stand alone box or a major vendor's (LSI, Adaptec) add-on card? In the past I have had a disk in a motherboard RAID5 array fail and I kept the system off until I installed a replacement drive and it worked like a charm with no data lost. How would /. users set up 4-10TB of storage that they could move on to the next system down the line? Would an LSI RAID array be supported or readable 5 years from now if the card died? Software RAID seems like a good solution since if a mobo fails the array will be easy to move. I also have a 4TB drive in a bank safe deposit box and I keep buying SD cards and saving them after a year or a major vacation.

Comment When the Constitution dies? (Score 1) 165

I like his quote, "When people die, those that leaked information should be held accountable... I think there’s irreversible and significant damage to this nation. " But what is more important than people? When does the military send people in to harm's way and maybe even to their death's? They do it to protect the Nation and The Constitution. When The President is sworn in he takes an oath to " preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" Not individuals. So I think that an excellent case could be made that when the NSA kills The Constitution, those that ran the program should be held responsible. I think the NSA has caused significant damage to this country because what makes this country special is the constitutional limits on the engorgement,

Comment Re:YAY! I'm going diving next month. (Score 1) 255

No Trimix (Helium) is to mitigate Nitrogen Narcosis. If you were worried about Oxygen toxicity from breathing air below 60M you could just add dirt cheap Nitrogen. With 80% Nitrogen in the mix, you have significant narcosis after 40M. So add Helium after 40M and cut down Oxygen below 21% after 60M. Interestingly Xenon is an anesthetic. 80% Xenon in Oxygen would cause complete unconsciousness at 10M! Hydrogen works as a non narcotic gas to replace Nitrogen but I'd hate to cause a spark near a tank of Hydrogen/Oxygen! I wonder if it has been studied and if it would be explosive in a mix with 3% Oxygen and say 40% Hydrogen. It sure would save a lot of money at 100M.

Comment YAY! I'm going diving next month. (Score 3, Interesting) 255

I plan to do some deep Scuba dives next month and I will be breathing high quality, pure Helium mixed in with my Oxygen and Nitrogen to prevent Nitrogen narcosis at depth. I'm glad the supply will continue in the future and I hope there is a plan to replace what the US Government has stockpiled.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 1) 619

Upvote this! Li Ion batteries are good for a year of daily charging. By the second year of phone ownership you will see less battery life and popping in a new battery will get you through till you get your next phone.

Comment Re:If he asks and doesn't take your advice (Score 1) 340

I agree completely. I have an elderly family member that can screw up a fresh OS install in a week. He will install 3 or 4 antivirus programs, 3 or 4 "registry cleaners", 5 or 6 toolbars, 2 or 3 download optimizers and every free trial nagware that promises to optimize his computer. He WILL NOT LEARN. I got tired of trying to fix his computer which merely consisted of uninstalling crap so I did the best thing I could think of: I cloned his HDD over to an SSD and now his PC will boot in 2 minutes instead of 10. I tell him over and over but he sees a pitch about something that promises to make his PC better or get him free coupons and he installs it. It is some kind of mental disease and I know of no Jedi mind tricks to change him...

Comment Title should be "US Patent office grants Apple..." (Score 0) 253

I'm disgusted at Apple for trying to patent this, but I am even more troubled by the US Patent Office for approving and granting them the patent. It is the Patent Office that needs to be reigned in here, along with Apple and all the other tech companies trying to patent rectangles and lights placed in PCs.

Comment Prevents a passenger from using the phone to text (Score 1) 144

This is like navigation systems that don't let you use them when the car is moving even though a passenger could be entering the info. I recently sent a message for my son who was driving. Perfectly safe even though the GPS would have detected motion. Maybe the app needs to read the status of the passenger airbag: if it is off due to no passenger, then block texting.

Comment Keynesian solution my ass! (Score 1) 311

Why did you say "we ought to be able to see more clearly how government spending bettered everyday life" Why don't you say "we ought to be able to see more clearly how world war bettered everyday life" "Clearly in the 1990s and early 2000s there were too few wars rather than too many to stimulate the US economy" correlation !=causation Still I would rather have a 1940 size US government with a 1940 size budget and 1940 amount of federal regulations. (and a 2012 respect for civil rights)

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